Congo please read W2 players


I come hear for the second time with a heavy heart to tell the Aten family,allies and enemies alike some bad news, Congo was involved in an accident on his oil rig and died on February 6th i am absolutely gutted to have lost such a good friend and an epic person from this game and our lives. I would like you all to remember him for the larger than life personality he had and nobody could fill those boots that he fitted so damn well,Congo will be remembered as a legend and will go down in TW history as one of the greats. I would like to propose that everyone left on this world name a village after him in memory of him and also that his account be left untouched by enemies please,i have posted a reply to an e-mail from Congo's wife as i feel it is appropriate.

It's times like these when we realise a lot of things and how life is so precious....


Congo i will miss you more than you know mate,god speed to you my friend :icon_sad:

(A mail below from his wife)

i don't know who you are, so i guess you are one of Travis's playmates on thse silly games. my husband was involved in an accident on the rig he was on. he and three others were injured, but Travis was in critical condition. after three days in the hospital, he died on feb. 6 after complications during surgery.

please appreciate every moment you have. you may wake up one day and discovery your world turned upside down.

God Bless you.


Doing that right now!

I still cant believe it, its weird how life can just fly out in seconds.


RIP Congo, one of my villages is named in your honour. :icon_sad:


You have got to be kidding me?...

Congo was an awesome person who could always make me laugh with his pictures, i will greatly miss him even though we didnt talk much. R.I.P man you was a great guy.


this is such sad news and a great loss of such a legend in TW and what i can imagine would have been a hugh character in real life

You will be sadly missed
R.I.P congo



I am chocked hearing the news that Congo died. He was one of the greatest players I know.
Rest in peace.


Travis/ Congo was indeed and epic person. You can imagine a simple thing like changing his sock would have been a song and dance. No matter where you are in real life, where you are in world 2 or what tribe you are in, Congo will have had an effect on you life, even if it's only your gaming experience.

My thoughts are with if wife and family, no one will be missing him more than they are and none of can appreciate the gap he has left in their lives.

Loved him or hated him, this world (real or otherwise) is emptier than it was before.

Rest in peace Congo/ Travis. May Elysium be filled with joy for you while your family continue their life's journey before joining you (hopefully not any time soon).


I know i should post something her....but the words just won't come.

You were only with MPX/REB for such a short while. I was really looking forward to getting to know you better.

I am so shocked and saddened by this.

RIP my friend.


Travis was one of those larger than life characters who just affected everyone he met ingame. He just loved the drama and playacting of the game and so much of it was an act designed to motivate us all in different ways. His imagination knew no bounds here and he will be remembered I think more than anyone. An act impossible to follow.

My thoughts are with his family.


Don't know what to write, a really sad news. I'm without words at this time.

RIP Congo/Travis

You will always be remebered by W2 players.


R.I.P congo... it was a pleasure to have played alongside you


Wow, Congo was such a life force in TW.

I cannot imagine how his family is dealing with this loss.

RIP my friend.