Congrats! (and an Endgame poem)

Discussion in 'World 30' started by ravenj, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. ravenj

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    I share a tale of dearth and woe, of hardship through the land,
    Of World 30's stalwart men; for EndGame was at hand.
    They'd toiled for years, both night and day; They gave up normal Life
    to conquer foreign villages, and save their own from strife.

    This wasn't what we signed up for, for most of us at least.
    We didn't know we'd work and slave in service to this beast
    Lesser men played for a time, then beat a quick retreat.
    It takes a special stubbornness to see a world complete.

    Early game has a heady rush, it's easy to log in:
    Your empire grows, your tribe explodes; you feel you're sure to Win.
    And middle game is 'Coaster ride of alliances and NAPs.
    But it all comes a-tumbling down when the bond of friendship snaps.

    Lies and spies, betrayals breed… That game's no fun to play.
    You want to quit, but can't quite seem to turn and walk away.
    The Ops are endless, nukes rain down; besieged, you give up hope.
    Though friends desert, you still log in, not knowing how you'll cope.

    Tribes rise and fall, you fight to stay somehow upon the map.
    as foes rewrite world history, and you take all the rap.
    Its not about the right or wrong, or how to save the day,
    but whether you can outlast those who took your pride away.

    And then, one day the end's in sight! A closing date declared.
    Some focus on their Rank while others say they never cared.
    Barbs are eaten, points inflate, they scramble for reward.
    ODA means little now, and village count's ignored.

    Its just a race for number one. We're so quick to forget
    that anyone still standing tall belongs to a special set.
    We are the ones who lasted 'til 5 grueling years were done.
    We who remain on World 30 are the ones who WON.

    Special thanks to everyone who stuck around to the end! (Extra kudos for those who are still on their original account.)

    The world was long and hard, and as chock full of betrayals and backstabs as any good drama should be. It's also the source of many friendships, for those who went out on a limb and cared about the human beings behind these crazy aliases.

    There's a lot of people I'd like to call out by name (and I may yet do so) but one needs a special mention here:

    T33chr: Thank you for giving me a great run for my money in the final rankings. When I returned to the Blackmailed account in late October, it was 1000-ish villages behind and not too many people took me seriously when I said I would challenge you for First Place. But you did, and you did so with charm and good grace.

    Snafumaster ran a really tight ship. Co-playing with him was a fantastic experience, and seeing our shared account rise through the ranks while we advanced into the belly of the enemy was an absolute blast. I was sad to transfer off it, and sadder still when Real Life took Snafu's attention away from the game, and the account went inactive. Here you deserve thanks again, because you picked up the sit, and kept recruiting & minting. If it wasn't for you I would never have had the nobles to burn through later.

    In the final days, when it became apparent that I didn't quite have the noble count to pass you, you agreed to a "joint win", and let me take the #1 spot with Most Points, while you ended the game with Most Villas. Really, the top billing should be yours (and it would have been if TW wasn't skewed to prioritizing points over village count). We all know troops win battles, not points, and you kept true to that right to the end.

    So thanks to you - and Tommy as well - for being the sort of player who gives their tribe mates a boost to the top, and isn't afraid to share the podium.

    All the best in Real Life!

    PS: we all know ChamichA really won, right? He had the ODA that no one else could beat, so the rest of us had to content ourselves fighting over villas and points ; )
  2. Autums rose

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    Congratz to all those in Phoen! its about time you all finished off this world=p

    Autums Rose/Hawkeye20/vInDicaTed
    World 6 N/A, Rim, RMC
  3. bronse

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    well done all
    the heartbeat needs a rest lol :)
  4. War Hamster

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    May 28, 2011
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  5. silvereclipes

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    May 17, 2008
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    dam fine poem raven an one that reflects the deeds of W30 an the attitude we all had here.
  6. rethae

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    great as always RavenJ
  7. t33chr

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    Hey Raven,

    Thanks for the shoutout :)

    It was an absolute pleasure playing next to you. I was happy you were pushing for the top place as it forced me to keep logging in when there was not really much else to play for. Enemy vills were as easy to take as barbs by that point :)

    I really enjoyed sitting the Shipley account with you. My defending improved considerably after seeing how you ran things when defending. I am grateful for the positive word you put in for me with the Phoenx crew and twisting Paj's arm to send me an invite :) I realise I would have had a much earlier exit to this world if you hadn't. There were a couple of other times when I had to travel interstate and you helped defend my account while under pressure from Wildcats, Renegade and Kojeko in k55. So thank-you!

    And Snafu... I will never forget the night that I was up until 3:30am killing 110 davepowa trains all sent within 15 hours at empty and catted vills. You left work early so you could get better internet connection to help send defense to the majority of those vills. So thank-you!

    Thanks to csiz who also supported a bunch as well as Cham and nbd who found the few vills in range that they could also support.

    I didn't want Dave to take any but when I only had 2-3 left to sort out my wife came down in a rage about my 'addiction to this game' and why I was up so late.. Haha.... Fortunately things got much easier after that and I didn't have to spend so much time here. So he was able to sneak a few which I got back as soon as I could log back in...

    So because of all the help you both had given me, the least I could do was agree to a shared win :) I hope we can stay in touch and would love to play with you both again (for shorter stints of time)!