Congrats Paj and Thank you


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Said what he was going to do and delivered :) Maybe upset a few on Phoneix's journey but I would do it all again :)
Thanks for the crazy ride Paj :)


Thanks for bringing your tribe to this day, Paj.

You spoiled my plans, ya know. When I joined Phoenix, the tribe was under heavy fire, and skype&the forums were full of guesses about when you'd call it quits. I figured I'd play with you guys for a month or 3, and enjoy some frontline action against some of the best players in the game... and eventually you'd lose and I'd move on. What I didn't realize what that your motley crew were some of the best players in the game. It was a long, gruelling haul, but your crew just didn't know how to lose! When I left you guys to play in RAM for a bit, I missed Phoenix like a physical pain. Thanks for letting me back in (as a Phoenix member instead of a merc) and making good on your promise that Phoenix would win the world.

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Paj was one of the smart dukes who knew he had pro's here just point us like a cannon an get the hell out of the way we will do the there is dukes who think they need to micro manage their tribes an forget if they have great players all they need to do is let them loose and they can handle anything headed their way.


Thank you to Pajuno for everything, both ingame and out.

Also a thank you to Bronse for filling in the cracks and making Paj look all that much better and making Phoenx run all that much smoother!