Congrats to BURO


The title says it all. :icon_razz:

It was long ago that I had the pleasure of playing world 17 and I have fond memories of long nights spent attacking and defending with my tribe mates. I would of enjoyed staying until the end but when my wife said she was expecting our fourth son I decided it was time to put away my key board warrior ways and go back to the reality of my exciting family filled life. So I hit delete and left the fun of tribal wars behind me until now.

I will tell a bit of a tale though from the long distant past. I read that even after Wisdom and Inty had been gone for some time there was a bit of a question as to what ever happened to him. Well Inty did leave some time before his account deleted and he left me sitting his account along with other great tribes mates like spooge demon, tjvanleur, GHOSTBLADER, voconovoc, MikeLovell, DarMystic, and Amir9999. I suppose I could of tried passing the sits I had on to another tribe mate along with my own account but there was no real need. With the attack\defend policies in effect at the time it was not possible to do much with any of the accounts. Wisdom was split and the attacks from other tribes were very great and extremely hard to manage between everyone so in a nut shell that is what happened to Inty.

Well it is great to see that BURO took the final honors of being the supreme tribe of world 17. *np*, [BA], 13th, Tao, and all of my former tribe mates really made TW fun to play. :icon_wink: