Congrats to TW-TV


Congrats to TW-TV for a great win!

TW demonstrated the most important aspect of tribal wars, team work. That’s right, they played and acted as a tribe, they worked together and put the tribe first and that led them to victory.

Out of the 30 players in TW – 19 were at one point in TV. We are all a part of the win in 91!

The world started with Apathy and Corp, as bitter rivals led by H0lly Ghost and ‘Mistakes were Made’ sworn enemies….until the day they merged? Yeh as expected, it ended up being everyone for themselves instead of a cohesive tribe…and then where did the leaders go? Even with a large area dominance, CORP could not win a single battle against TW because there was no leadership and no cooperation and participation in the tribe. All the while CORP was so arrogant.

Many times the tribe members were more interested in fighting themselves than the enemy. A prime example of this was Bolo who sat in the CORP backline eating all the inactive members, refusing to support others, causing so much tribe fighting with skinnydeads they were actually stacked against each other instead of supporting the frontline…yes, you heard that right, the CORP backline was stacked against itself, refusing to participate in ops and supporting the frontline.

Meanwhile TW and TV, the supposed underdogs, were executing successful op after op and making CORP players quit one by one. Their teamwork paid off, proving all the doubters wrong.

Litka and I would like to thank Darkness Jordan and Amazing (Elie) for allowing us to join TW a move that put the final nail in the CORP coffin. We had really hoped that there would have been a bit of resistance and had prepared for one, though there was none to be had, just collapse.

I would like to thank Fabi for giving me the final incentive to push for 1st place, I really wasn’t trying for this world until you threatened me (a fellow tribemate) then all bets were off. BTW who builds level 20 WT in every village to get #1 except Fabi and Bolo…so ridiculous, we took you both out so fast since you had no troops with those ridiculous villages.

A few individual recognitions from Amazing (Elie):

TW would like to especially thank all the back-line players in TW/TV for all the support and nukes that lead to the success of the tribe. Without you the tribe would not have been as successful! It is a true testament to the teamwork of a tribe when the backline continually sends support and donates their own nukes to help the frontline.

Sondog11 for leading TV, helping its members (and not killing them), and making sure the two tribes functioned as one. Ps thanks for not killing warrior

TW Great OP planners: Zotten, Darkness Jordan, superdog, Red Khan (Pug) and Julius-Caesar

foxslayer09 an early defector who survived op after op was important to TW success in helping demoralizing CORP.

chubwa (original player) was the best at capping villages during ops.

Darkness Jordan did really well in supporting and sniping those under attack.

Red Khan and Amazing (Paris) did a lot of sits during ops

Duke211 and all of K43 front that stopped GT from growing

I also would like to throw in blue banana who survived a lot of ops while in CORP, he did try to lead CORP when no one else would, he did a lot of sitting for the tribe. He was one of the few that could be counted on in CORP and it was great to have him in TW.

Finally, I would also like to thank the TW leaders Darkness Jordan and Amazing (Elie & Paris) along with the history of the tribe….I won’t name everyone, it’s a long list but Ronnie & Barzy, The Willow, Chubwa, Beebetter, Zotten, Superdog…OK that’s probably everyone…great job for your part in the success in leading this tribe to victory.

Jane – Litkafilip coplayer


I am so proud of each one of you

quality > quantity


Fun world. Can't believe it's over already haha


Congrats TW,

But We got 1 problem left before we win this world, Elie needs a girl friend, would you mind helping our friend?

Elie is in Amazing Account