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I'd normally admonish such early hubris but there are 4 tribes that really matter in this game this world:
1. The SE tribe KMK just disbanded and their top player Yeeted their nukes, not even timed or anything. All dead.
2. RO76, the tribe family on the NE and SE seems to have folded on the first wave against them and inactivity and quitting is already accelerating. - Which is a shame because it has some solid names; however you can have the best players in the game on your team. If the core of your userbase is only 10 or so people, no amount of additional blood brought in by excessive recruitment will bring back that activity we all remember from 5 years ago.
Usually after a first wave, the front resettles to a new position but the post op skirmish still continues. Odd! They must not be very active!
3. Nors... Doesn't count. They are an SE rim tribe at this point just giving minor reinforcement to RO. - That said, we have had more Nors nukes than RO nukes land on our borders in the south of Mayhem.
4. And of course Mayhem. - Bias alert of course but both the north and south of Mayhem have defended exceptionally against everything levied against them. Frontlines against the rest of the world are already moving on a day to day basis.
As for activity, there are 60 people in this discord and I don't identify a single one as not being regularly active in the chat.
Well actually I don't know who chip is but I'm sure they alright. :D ;)

So yeah.
You can probably crack open an ice cold bottle of champagne.
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