Congratulations Mudpie!

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As today marks the one year anniversary of me moving cross country to join my beloved Jennifer irl, I thought it to be a great time to revisit good old world 50 where I met Jennifer itw.

First of all, I would like to congratulate myself for being so awesome, retiring at the top of my game, AND getting the girl in the end.

Thanks to George for keeping our account going for awhile just for giggles. The Mudpie Secret Weapon: You were truly an awesome machine at the game and a good friend even when I annoyed the hell out of you with my crazy antics.

Thanks to Wanky for being so stupidly funny. At times I could almost make myself feel drunk just by reading his posts.

Thanks to Olly for being so freaking awesome.

Thanks to Thirdstrike for being such a loyal friend.

Thanks to Katrena for just being so nice

Thanks to Ultrascan for being so unpredictably crazy but always coming through.

Thanks to Hash for being so silly

Most of All, thanks to Jennifer for giving me inspiration in my life and making me happier than I ever thought possible. I Love you with all my Heart and Soul.

Good Bye World 50. It was a blast. If you had half as much fun as I did then you did pretty good. Thank You All for the good times, fond memories, and the great friendships I made along the way.

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Yes w50 was a blast. Many wonderful memories here. Good luck to all of you, in whatever you do in real life ♥


Mike passed away suddenly on August 3rd 2013. I had 18 short months with him but they were the best months of my life. He was the love of my life. I miss him but its nice to still come back and read his posts. They still make me giggle and I hope he brought laughter to many of you.