Congratulations to 1ns4n3

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Congratulations to 1ns4n3!

Well earned, and well deserved :)

Special Big-ups to Merrick2, Dutchess and Founder (with Agariba) and to Amish..long-standing Duke

and indeed to everyone that played for 1ns4n3 and helped win the world :)

Well done to you all! :)

Best Blue :)


Found in the diaries of a mad man (Amish T Gangsta the III) in his final w37 moments (page 143,143).

I've paid my dues, Time after time
I've done my sentence, But committed no crime
And bad mistakes, yeh, I've made a few
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face, But I've come through

and it goes on and on and on and on....

It's been no bed of roses; No pleasure cruise
It was a challenge, and we weren't going to lose (not if we had any say in the matter).

We are the champions my friends, can you believe it? Take a minute or two (before you move on to your next worlds) to take it all in. The time has finally come to relax and appreciate what we had -- lord knows I would never let you guys do that, in even the final days of playing.

Congrats 1ns4n3.

From new to old, and anywhere in between. To our allies AND enemies, to former leaders and greats who I looked up to, admired and learned from. It's been a great journey and I had a lot of fun here. I really appreciate it. From some of my most trustworthy/loyal mates, to my most hated enemies, good luck in the future (both in game and real life).

The doors to our little ol' 1ns4n3 asylum have finally opened, and we are all free to leave (so they say)...


I'd say that we are all mentally healed now, but you folks that have met us know that would be a lie.
Truth is, we are probably worse off now than when we arrived. :D

In any case, so long everyone, it's been one hell of a three year ride! (heck, I don't even keep girlfriends that long, let alone friends in a video game). We finally got us some glory hole! Congrats mates you guys deserve it, and you made your leaders look very good (we are very proud).


We'll meet again, don't know where don't know when, but I'll know we'll meet again some sunny day.. ;)
Will you please say hello to the folks that I know, tell them, I won't be long...
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With all the worry, with all the drama, we can finally say we won! it's over the world has been won.

It was good kicking butts with you guys, you made the job enjoyable. Thank you. I wish you lot all the best in the future.


first few lines of this say all that needs to be said


Well done to all those who fought well whichever side you were on


It has been a pleasure to play with all of you over the last 3 years. W37 was my first world and if it wasn't for players like Mexicolocc I probably wouldn't have played this game much longer than a month or two.

Congratulations to 1ns4n3! Most of you have, despite being my enemy, been great people to play against, and I wish you all the best for the future. Whether you choose to go outdoors now is your choice ;)

This song basically sums it all up:


I hope you had the time of your life!


Final words (as I don't know how much longer I will be able to stick around in TW): Wherever you go, make an impact. Don't be afraid to take chances. Take what you gained from this world and build on it; most importantly do your own thing. A lot of you guys/girls have the potential to lead your own tribes and to be very successful (and I am not just talking about players in my own tribe, but a lot of others as well).

Push the envelope. Watch it bend^^

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