Congratulations Valour


Well done Valour on taking out the #1 tribe Escape.

Now how you did this was just masterful, how did you get the Escape Council to believe that you would attack them if they did not kick 2 of their players? Well in my mind you get an A+. That was brilliant, my hat's off to your leadership. Good plan and well played.

Now lets talk about Escape, what were you thinking, are you that gullible that you would risk your tribe because the tribe next to you said something..LOL
You got whipped, and Valour did not even have to make an OP. Very poor leadership in that tribe. 3 days and you will disband, I heard that is what Valour will ask of you next.LOL
I do see that players are leaving and looking for a new tribe, I hope all the council that bought into the psychological warfare that Valour was giving you hookline and sinker get rimmed, you have no business leading a top tribe. So Private Vosseler and Queen Matt my hat's of to you for doing the worst job leading a tribe that I have ever heard about.


Neither of the tribes you're writing about exist on World 55. And even if they did, Escape most certainly is not the #1 tribe. :icon_confused:

bernard 2485

Bloodpuppet. I knew you were clumsy and odd. But this.. Is just hilarious. You tried to flame Escape on,w55? Well I guess it had more of an impact here since nobody beleived this drivvle on w60 externals (chuckle).

But yeh im still waiting for the date btw. In case you forgot, my ign is fifth element choice :) ive got everything I need including my walking stick. Us veterans have many injuries to contend with.