Congratulations Wobble. My last circ as a leader :)



First is first.. Congratulations to all [ally]Wobble[/ally] members! Each and one of you I wish I could be there to personally hug and thank you for being part of this great experience!

In such a short time.. WE MADE IT! WE F***G WON W65!!! A pre-registration world! A world where premades started by, where competitivity started from the very beggining.. no, from before the world started, when people were getting members signed in for their premades! It certainly was a real fight from day 1 till today.

I want to have a hindsight.. of all that happened from my perspective and made us.. me get to know eachother so well :)

I tried my chance as a leader before twice. On w51 and on w58. Both tribes I led were powerfull but lacked stability. As usual strong personalities were present and lots of turning events. From each I learned a lot, and I did get a good thing from one of them. I met muso on w58 :) He seemed a bit strange at first, always having these philosophical discutions but we got to be friends quickly. When my leading job ended I found little enjoyment in playing the world so we both decided short before w65 opened to make a premade.. In like 3-4 days I gathered as many friends of mine as I could and made Bunny. We evolved fast and we got in the eye of many as fast XD. The times there were real fun, was actually playing for a change :D We pushed and were recognized as a good tribe but I preferred to save the game experience for most and had to choose between Wobble and Yarr tribe. Hmmmm who to pick. Well guess you know XD. I liked having no more leadership role.. for like 1 day then I got bored and was like meh I'll prob just quit, everyone is safe now. But... I soon found myself being passed duke. And.. ofc not knowing like 90% in the tribe and nothing about it I was reticent. But noone else wanted it and I wasn't gonna let the tribe collapse just when I found a place for my bunnies.
Then it started. I was co-leader with Beef, a ... strong character :D jokes, he helped me and it was fun having him around. It was hard for me to lead knowing many might not like me since they don't even know me much lol. My only good trait was that I proved I knew to hold my ground.
I started to slowly get to know everyone.. found there were many assholes in the tribe and many friends aswell. Then one war after the other started. I was quite used to multiple tribes gaining on one (past worlds always haunted me lol) so I was not afraid of it. I knew we had good players and if we played it right we would have a lot to gain from it.

Yes as you all know I am a softie. I tried my best to be strong and take the right decisions. What I am good at, and enjoyed through the game was the art of getting whatever you want from a simple discution. I started to put my efforts into duking while muso took the ropes of the account. Ofc, unlike most think I did help and I had my times of raping accounts here or on other worlds. I did play an account to rank 1 even co-playing a blind douchebag (Deb knows). But, I was bored of the actual ongoing attacking, defending that I have always done.. for me getting to rank 1 as a duke was quite an achievement was prepared to quit like that. On this world I enjoyed diplomacy joggling, players characters jogging (in my tribe) and sitting accounts under heavy fire. We had lots of those.

I think Wobble was weak and powerfull at the same time. We always were. We defeated a lot of tribes yes. But we also had little trust in our own power. We had a lot of that. Powerfull players, powerfull bonds. But never really trusted we were a powerfull tribe aswell. Even I wasnt trustfull enough, when Sumner came back at one point I should have just kept my ground and be like , b*** I got this. But I am only human and my limit was long passed :D. I thank him for giving me motivation back by saying he would have never lasted so much with all these.. *** <3, end quote. Ofc duking isnt the best job. You get upset like that.

We had bad times, when multiple tribes were on our back and backstabbed us, many accounts could have been here from that time , I mainly blame myself for that , that I should have done more. But yeah we did spend all that planning on the defense on the AAA front (sigh such wasted nice planning). It was bad when Apathy left aswell, I know many had controversary oppinions back then, but they were not the only ones to punch the table and be like "This is wrong, this is right!". more than a half of this tribe done that. And unlike most leaders would have done, I do not think it is as bad. They did not go to the enemy saying were shit we dont do things right. They went out of their way to say why they think something is bad (that I too sincerely thought was bad, would you really have seen eachother winning alongside Sam? (ex leader AAA) ), and not because they were selfish, they had nothing to gain or loose, they would have pounded the front with or without sam. but because it was something they couldnt accept for their tribe eventho it ment more efforts from them aswell as the tribe. I do not think that is bad. I think respecting a leader is important, but a leader can be respected in this situation aswell, aslong as he knows what he is doing is right, it means he can explain it so their members can understand it is right aswell. If he cannot then he isnt sure about it. Aslong as both want the good of the tribe , then that good will be understood by both of them through the right perspective. Azazel is a smart guy, and he never argued with me for the wrong reasons. I dont need people who will follow me and never question my decisions. I make mistake like everyone else, and if someone shows me it is a mistake I cant put my ego above the good of the tribe.

When NIR left that was a bad time too. But it also showed us how united we are. It showed us we chose good allies. Dont you think if Looney allied with NIR, it would have pushed others to have the courage to join them and so on. It could have made a difference for the people standing today here. But, we re-organized, prioritized and we fought for our tribemates and allies.

We fought with eachother probably as much as we fought against our allies. But so does brothers and sisters fight in a family :). But when push came to shove everyone lent a hand when it was needed. From the smallest to the most cocky ass ever (Skux that is you).
We only fought for what mattered (mostly). When we wanted something to be fair, when we wanted something to be fun, when we wanted something to be right, we made it clear. :) Noone should dictate what you think is right. Or how you think you can have fun (unless its about nuking your tribemate, Dallow & another 50 in the tribe.. ahem).

People (TB&AAA) took us lightly, made fun and thought they could have us by our weakness. When our weakness was what made us stronger and stronger. Because whenever we had an argument, we got a better solution, we got better motivated and we did a great f***g job. And we eventually won.

No tribe is perfect, and it doesn't have to be. My goal was to have people that could enjoy themselves however they wanted, people who would find friends in eachother, loyal friends. I valued loyalty above all. Yeah people had doubts about my judgement on the people I held around me. Why would I let an asshole like Skux in coucil? Hell he even wouldnt give me my duke back at one point XD. But as much as he would be the "fuck off" type not once did I doubt he would be disloyal. And that applies to other difficult people along the way.

I think my only true help in the tribe (beside staying awake till mornings sitting accounts and planning) is that I looked at the good in the bad. If I was a negative person(well I mostly am but tried not to be) , well we would of been f***d cus then arguments wouldnt have ever stopped. But I saw so many good players.. just needed the right environment, right teammates and to be set free :D

I had a lot of help on my part too. Hell , most my duking was about getting the right persons to do the job XD. I had such great council. From Insom/Rizz who have always been by my side (not always active but mattered when they were :* ) to Deb who I have learned everything from (my duke since w24), muso who has been my half in game soul. if I never met him I wouldn't have won w65, he made a promise he would help me win it and looks like he is from the few guys who actually keep promises XD, Bosspig and Captain Drill who always were on for a good fight and planning (thanks Drilly for being active on the last part of the world <3), Skux for being mean and blunt whenever needed, and whenever it wasnt :D, Phoenix, for tagging around and being a nice person all the time and helping me with the south <3, Sarah for keeping the wobblies in check.

Sigh.. this is hard :( I enjoyed so much of it.. hated a lot too, but it was just the frustration of wanting to do more, cus I knew everyone deserved it. As much as it looked like from the exterior, I really liked all of you, I learned to know you, learned to see what you enjoyed and what you didnt and I wanted to be the best for you. You made ma want to be as everyone expected, push as much as I could and it was the biggest challange I faced and the one I wanted most to overcome. Every little kind word gave me motivation and every little achievement gave me hope. You did it all :) You have to know that what you did here was not small and it was not something anyone could do. Not many tribes finish with having achieved such a clean win. We had a clean diplomacy, we did not turn on our defenceless allies as most do in a need of greed, and we faced only the biggest challanges. We overcome our worst obstacles and we let the world know :). So proud of you :)

Time for shout out to everyone :D
Muso. My co-player. I wish you would be here today to enjoy the feeling. I'm sure it is a lot better you stopped and enjoyed life, I abused you too much I know that :D. You were , and still are a dear friend, in a world I don't have much. I will always be there for you, remember you made a friend for a long long time :D.

Debb. I have to thank you , not only for the guidance as a leader, teaching me how to handle the most difficult characters, but as a shoulder I counted on from as young as 16 y old. Not many have that caring self and I hope you will never change. I only wish you meet people as special as you are and that you never change. It is the rare that is most valuable :) Thank you for following my leadership eventho I learned most from you. I'm so happy you got rank 1, deserved it for all the years of working as a duke with so difficult conditions. Maybe one day we will meet in UK :D <3

Addicted to love. Dallow.. I know you say I gave you a 3rd chance, but I didn't, I always knew you would be there for me, there was no doubt to have you in Wobble. Call it female intuition, I didnt try to explain it much but I was right, you were loyal, a friend and I could always count on it. I felt it from so early and I didnt even knew what I did to deserve it. You were unlucky guy, but I knew you had plenty to offer. Congrats on second place fighter! . Lavim, my trustworhy sitter. Its so hard to find good ones these days, you my friend, are so valuable. It sounds weird, but helping in defending and holding our front is as valuable as launching an operation. Since stopping one of the enemies is kinda the same. Thanks for the help <3. Curious George, thanks for joining the team. Made a right decision to having your addition and I hope you liked it here and will have a good memory of us <3

Multiple Wargasms. Arabela, my neighbour romanian, at first we had our fights, but that was only because I wasnt sure about your loyalty. Or maybe it was the usual female hate who knows, 2 good looking women are prone to that :D. But with time we started to get along till I really started to like you and your character, you are a strong woman, you take no shit from anyone and you can only have the best :D. Ofcourse because of that, many co-players had to get through heartbreaking break-ups with you, but eventually you did find a very good one. Rob, you are a nice guy, involved, smart and I just wished you would have been here from the start I am sure you would have been a great help. But ofcourse, better later than never :D I hope you enjoyed and I loved having both of you here <3

Reunne. I liked your kind spirit, and I hope you enjoyed it here. I know it must of been weird with so many shouts and arguments but I seen you got used fast and started to join the fights and have fun with the rest of us. maybe we can keep in touch <3

Almighty lord core. The original Core was.. a beast as everyone knows. I really enjoyed your presence, it made a huge difference when it came to serving fear to the enemy, you knew how to do that perfectly. What can I say, because of players like you we would motivate and want to keep up with your awesomeness. Anyone wanted to push a core up the enemy asses as you did. Thank you for being a model of how to play tw in rage mode. The coplayer of lord core, thank you for keeping the account up to its glory, you sister, make women proud. showing men girls can do it as good as anyone :D good job!

Dynamic duo. Connor, you are a good friend, I hope you will be ok in RL aswell, you helped me when I needed and I thank you for that. A loyal person, you put your trust in my abilities even as soon as you joined my tribe. <3 helped me have stability and showed loyalty by sticking to the end. thanks to your coplayer, Kablamo for helping out and being a nice guy <3.

masterk. We started to discuss a bit later more thoroughly, but it was good to do so. I saw a smart guy behind the account and Im happy you eventually put your trust in me. You proved you could fight aswell and I hope you were not dissapointed in the experience <3 a strong mind and strond character, you wanted the best for the tribe in certain times aswell. dont be a stranger <3

Captain drill. My Drilly. SUCH a good decision to add you to the council. Better later than never, you helped me SO much. A great taste for fighting, you never gave up and was always motivated. Thank you for trusting me, youre a great guy, and I hope you see me more as a friend now. Cus I would be really happy to stay like that , I really apreciatted all you done for the tribe and when you helped me <3 A fearsome guy, if he sets his mind on you, surely a gonner :D Never change, maybe just a lil bit tone down the tw addiction, ladies will apreciatte it ;) :D :D

rhey. Nice guy, you put your interest and played it cool. you were there when it was needed and thank you for being a good neighbour and helping out. you didnt push it too much but in the end, Im most happy if you enjoyed the experience, you gave a good beating and look at the great rank you achieved. <3 I hope we will see eachother around, and I hope to see you in the top ranks always when I check tw over time :D good luck on your future plans! <3

tman. TJaaaay <3 insomniac bastard. You helped a lot. Goofed a lot. Laughed a lot. Slept none. <3 perfect player, everyone should have an insomniac around :D Thank you for helping with the sitts <3 most apreciatted. Thank you for being a great tw player. Thank you for being always loyal without a doubt <3. Thank you for being a .. weird crazy TJ. Some might not of caught the funny in you, but I sure enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed it aswell, I hope you will get some sleep when this world has ended and I sure hope we will still talk over time <3 much hugs <3

Felicini. We talked about this a bit :D you had a bumpy road, but when we first discussed back in Omega, I saw a truthfull person, a respectfull person and I saw the potential. I do not regret guiding you, I always like people with your qualities and I think the world needs such people around. Thank you for following me and I hope you enjoyed the road <3

Lord Richard Rahl. Rahl I hope your hand is better, I enjoyed having you as a neighbor, and you were always a nice person, you respected me even when I went on the angry side. I hope you enjoyed it here aswell and Im only sorry that you had to miss on parts of the journey <3 but health is always more important. Ryan(Killer instinct) Im happy we could have you around a bit more, you were always fun to be around, loyal and a good friend. dont change, I really enjoyed having you around, I just hoped you would have been a tiny bit luckier <3 but its ok, I am happy you did your best <3.

Illuminati Puppet. I will start with Insom. My gentle aussie, I will surely miss you. Eventho you were busy in the end stage, you helped me a lot throughout the game, especially with your support. You motivated me when I was down and believed in me when I didnt. You are a very kind man and I hope you will only find happiness, and enjoy RL now that you have it :D I hope we will always keep in touch. Rizzy. Rizzyyyyyyy. The most I admire in you is your ability to be such a great friend. Really you are a great guy, when others need it you are there and you are also a great player. With the combo of you 2, you managed to lead your north and motivate people so well. One of the best people I had the chance to meet :) <3

shahaf. You started from the back and made your way to the top. that is impressive on its own. you had your obstacles but you made it past and were a great help whenever it was needed, you were ready to give a hand. great person aswell. always kind and full of respect. your son and coplayer is also a great player and i liked that he is a bit more agressive and as involved as you were. great team , keep it up , always aim high :D <3

pierrelesax. you were the old silent one. always respectfull, helped when was needed and stayed out of trouble. thank you for joining, i hope you had a nice experience, and i hope you will enjoy this game many years to come <3

Thebosspig. Mahler, one of the best players we have, was there to kick ass and coordonate. thank you for being a force, thank you for staying beside me and motivate me. im happy and and amazed how so many great people put their trust in me and believed in me till the end. I hope we will still talk a long time to come, you are a great guy and a great friend, and I know you will only do great in whatever you set your mind to do <3

Flameproof. Great girl, we had the luck to have only powerfull, strong-willed girls here. Thanks for keeping an eye on things, you were always a respectull, active player, always helped with whatever you could. I respect a mature woman like you and I hope you will always be atleast as great as you showed to be <3. A model for the younger generations of tw girl players surrounded by hungry wolfy men :D a girl can stick to the game and do great huh. Or-el, eventho he chose to leave, will always be remembered for the great help he brought. he fought so well both in game, and on external forum. a guy who doesnt take shit, and is a great defender as well. I hope you are doing good in RL and maybe one day we will talk again <3

Sir-Phoenix. Phoenix , a great guy, you had a great deal to do with helping wobble win, in the simple fact that you chose to have me as a leader, and you believed in my ability to win a world. you helped me win over other players and you sticked with me till the end. thank you so much and I hope you never regretted your decision <3 I hope you are well in RL and talk to me whenever you want. Danny you always were a hot head, but you always also wanted the best. thank you for choosing the right things, and thank you for sticking with me and trusting me. I wish you the best <3

Azazel Aziz. Azzy you are a great player. You could motivate a bunch of barbs if you set your mind to. Thank you for trusting me, and for sticking by my side, it mattered a lot to me that you decided to follow me. I know it took a bit to get your trust but I am happy I could do that. Your work in the tribe was so worth any struggle in the past. I hope you are as fierce with anything you want to achieve and that you only get the best. Dont be a stranger! <3

El valiente. A silent guy, but always helpfull and great player. Thanks for opening up little by little, I know it was hard to put your trust in me but Im happy you eventually did. Thank you for being part of a great team, and for helping destroying the enemy, I hope you had fun on the way there. Take care in RL and take care of Drilly too :D!

sdcz. Chris, you are a great friend. You helped, you took accounts to sitt when needed, and you got active and motivated at the right times! Im happy you evoled so much and you were a recruit I really was proud of! I hope you only aim higher and higher to the worlds to come! Good luck in RL aswell!

dagan. I didnt know we would get along so well, but I saw in you the same things I wanted from the world aswell. I really apreciatted your loyalty, your help and that you were an open guy. We always got along well and because of that we could get 2 tribes to work together and win a world together. I wish to see you lead great tribes in the future because you can.

Block. Thank you for being a fierce guy. You have a strong character and a strong set of abilities. Your work on the front and as a team member was great and I hope you liked to work under my lead. Im sure there will only be great achievements from you from now on aswell, you are a great player <3

WibbleWobble. Timmeeeeeeeh. Great friend, you motivated me so much. Thank you for the kind words, for being there and for helping even the little you could at the time. I know we will remain friends over time <3. Monica, thank you for the work, Im so happy you enjoyed yourself in the north and you could see the fight you put up there. I hope you liked my leadership and that I could give you a nice experience. Sumner, eventho we played in the same tribe for a short while I am happy I met you. I didnt think of much back in Bunny, but the more you started to see me as a better leader the more I trusted myself aswell. You made me want to be better than you and to prove it. We are different but I learned from you, and I tried my best to continue your work. Im happy you did a great work to make a tribe so full of potential, if I didnt have something to work with I wouldnt be here. I hope to see you play on worlds in the future, will be interested to see you. maybe who knows, in years time we will co-duke. <3 we will keep chatting on skype time to time Im sure.

ScarletUndies. I am so happy I gained your trust and friendship. You were one of the hard people to deal with but with so much skill and potential. you showed hell to whoever you put your target on and always achieved what you wanted. geat strategist. it was also nice having you in council, eventho you didnt like it, you had great perspectives. helped me a lot. I hope we will stay friends, the Chris I got to know is a great kind guy. <3 haha secre is out.

KnightsQuest. Brandon, you are always 100 % involved, taht was seen on w58 aswell. I am happy to have you here, and I hope you never loose this endless motivation you have. I hope you will keep evolving and learn from the people around you to become a great player and who knows maybe start a tribe and see you win a world like its no big deal :D

Vusn. Another recruit that sticked and helped and put their full loyalty in me. Thank you for helping however you could from such a distance, I hope you enjoyed it here and I hope I will only see you evolve on future worlds :D

brownruffryder. You were another player that showed me loyalty from the start. I apreciatted that a lot and I thank you. a great cool guy, you helped when needed, and I hope you never regretted your decision, I hope to see you on other worlds evolving and smashing players in your way :D

sarkies.w you were always active in the north, putting up a fight, laughing with the rest and enjoying the game. thank you for sticking through the good and the bad, i hope you enjoyed and i loved having you around. I hope you will enjoy RL a lil before going back to tw and showing everyone sarkies is a machine. :D

lost oliver. A cool guy, you been through bad and through good but you were always loyal a nice friend and kept to your business. I hope you will always be as great, I want to see you become more agressive and show others that Wobble has made you into a badass oliver. <3

DevianceInc. One of the early machines . you took no bullshit you pounded the enemy and were a great guy. thanks for sticking to wobble, i hope you enjoyed, i am very happy you made it till the last day and I hope to see the Dev name on many worlds in the top :D

X2-- James, a great friend, even co-player of Bunny Queen, always helpfull always nice and loyal. Thanks for helping with the account eventho it went through a great deal of changes. Frisky, thank you for the help early game, youre a cool guy, I hoped I could only have played more together <3

Takeiteasyonme. Skux, eventho you are a badass you are also fair and you want what is right. you helped me a lot, and I thank you for that and you helped me get myself from the softie spot. I hope you never change cus its what makes you special :D I hope youre doing well and we will someday talk again :D

ANOTHER SCHMOE. You helped in the south with how much you could. Thanks for sticking with us till the end, I hope you learned from us and that you enjoyed the war and the many obstacles on the way. I hope you had fun :D

Jariq. Sarah you were part of council for a long time, you helped me keep the boys under control, and it was a difficult task I know. Thanks for being a friend, for being there for me when I needed and for always helping me. It mattered a lot to me <3. We will meet in UK be sure of it ;) <3

Kenny the microwave. Both players on the account were great, I hope they can see this, and enjoy it with the rest of us, they helped achieve a great experience, and not saying how fun it was to have them around. Thanks guys <3

tahoe king. Even with your little time available, you always did what you could, asked for any little thing you could help the tribe with. Thank you for being nice, a good friend and trusting in me <3

Therin. Andy. A great guy, a great player and a great friend. I didnt think I would earn your trust and find such a nice friend in you. Thanks for sticking beside me and being a loyal friend. I know we will talk over time and I hope you liked the work I put for all you <3

General.Ali. I hope Ali gets to read this , he was a great friend and still is, he helped me a lot in Council at the start and I know if he would of sticked around he would of been a great help. <3

Looney recruits: RedJets, Im happy I could meet you again on a world, should have told me sooner about your whereabouts silly :D I hope I gave you a nice experience, I know it felt a bit like Manic, if you stayed here sooner you sure would of felt a tiny resemblance hihi. I have talked to many Looneys, I hoped I could know each of you a bit better, but you can always find me on skype if needed. Thank you for being there for Wobble and you deserved to be with us at the end aswell. I hope you enjoyed the ride :D[/spoil]

Well.. I know I blabbered a lot.. but I will be quitting tw and I dont want to miss saying something.
This was my best achievement. I never thought I would win as a duke, but I sure know it was only possible because of such great players. I am only honored to have led you and take part in all this.

I want everyone here to remember some things for the future..
-always enjoy what you do, especially in tw, else it is not worth it.
-always do things that seem right to you. noone can force you to take a decision that is against what you believe is right.
-make friends. this is something rare you can do, and it is so enjoyable and easy.. it is a shame to miss on the fun of a well formed group of friends.

This is the end of the road of tw between me and you guys, but not as friends. I mean it when I say I enjoyed every last bit of it.. I put my soul into it all and it feels really sad to part away. I hope you know how much you and the tribe ment to me. Love each of you. Love each nice memory from the wide selection I have from this experience. I did my best to learn from everyone and everything and to make use of it.

Farewell my tribemates, my Wobbles and talk to you soon my friends <3

With a wide hug to embrace all of you at once,

Bunny Queen- Proud Duke of world winning tribe, Wobble.
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Multiple Wargasms. Arabela, my neighbour romanian, at first we had our fights, but that was only because I wasnt sure about your loyalty. Or maybe it was the usual female hate who knows, 2 good looking women are prone to that :D. But with time we started to get along till I really started to like you and your character, you are a strong woman, you take no shit from anyone and you can only have the best :D. Ofcourse because of that, many co-players had to get through heartbreaking break-ups with you, but eventually you did find a very good one. Rob, you are a nice guy, involved, smart and I just wished you would have been here from the start I am sure you would have been a great help. But ofcourse, better later than never :D I hope you enjoyed and I loved having both of you here <3

Hi, Ana, thx for your nice words. I know i was a bit of a brick in the start, mostly because i didn't like the merge idea, since in my opinion we could have won that war without a problem, but probably Sum, Roy and Deb wanted to quit and they didn't want to quit with that war next door to them, so they tried to resolve that frontline, before they quit. You can imagine it wasn't easy for me, after i lost a lot of my O on Debb's walls (oh, Deb... <3 ) to see we will invite you guys. Then, like this wasn't enough, to see an ex enemy leading my tribe was very much disturbing. I saw you a little soft and vulnerable in the start, and i was afraid for my tribe not to lose from that point, so, basically, if i was rude or something, excuse me, i had my fears :)

In time, you proved yourself as a strong leader and it was a pleasure for me to have u here and lead us. I hope we will meet again, and share the same team. Thank you for all your efforts u put in leading, it was not easy job to do :)

And yes, without my co, i wouldn't be here now, and able to enjoy the end.Thank you, Kut. (hug)
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Debb. I have to thank you , not only for the guidance as a leader, teaching me how to handle the most difficult characters, but as a shoulder I counted on from as young as 16 y old. Not many have that caring self and I hope you will never change. I only wish you meet people as special as you are and that you never change. It is the rare that is most valuable Thank you for following my leadership eventho I learned most from you. I'm so happy you got rank 1, deserved it for all the years of working as a duke with so difficult conditions. Maybe one day we will meet in UK :D <3

:) Oh Ana how your English and your ability to handle slang has improved! :p not to mention how to deal with the males in your life. :p

You were such a Sweety at 16.. chuckle. Now look at you all grown up! And winning worlds. Such a long time since it was KG, you, me (COUGH COUGH he who shall not be named (Back when he was at least semi human)) We have been through so much since when we first met!

I am VERY glad to be in the world winning tribe.. and more proud of you being its leader!

There is no way i could have gotton to number 1 without 3 things.
1) The Tribe. Always quick to support when asked.. i have never been left hanging. You have ALL been Brillient!
2) My CO player Vespa! He been fantastic! And i am a tad anal about my account. :p i Am sure i was not always the easiest person to coplay.. I am Sure he has rolled his eyes at me more then once. :p
3) Ana you gave me the space to do it. you did not push me to take part more in the council. You understood that i really NEEDED to just play this world as a fun game after how the last time around ended. I am VERY grateful for that.

Just you remember to let me know when you get to the UK! I want hugs!

Deb x


Still Going Strong
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Ana. <3

I loved your final message to the whole tribe. It wasn't just a nice way to say how you enjoyed your time, but a final close to all the bad as well. And not only that, gave me one last feeling of pride for the world. And I'm sure, and I hope I'm not the only one who feels proud with winning the world.

You did a great job as a duke, and your patience is beyond tremendous. Be proud Ana, you got wobble to win. :)


Ana that was beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to write it. You did an amazing job, guiding a tribe to the end in first place is difficult on soooo many levels as obviously you know, but you hung in there and did it. Thanks for your kind words, for having faith in me and including me, I'm honored to be a part of it.


Still Going Strong
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Thanks Ana. I think your passion for TribalWars and Wobble truly shines in that final email.


As one of your opponents on world 65, I can say without reservation, you certainly led your tribe well. You must be a great leader and I'm sorry to hear you are leaving TW! I have always wanted to have an all female tribe, and if the chance comes again, I would like to have someone like you be the leader of said tribe. You have done well and obviously cared about your tribemates greatly! Be well, stay strong! Gypsy Butterfly


I thank him for giving me motivation back by saying he would have never lasted so much with all these.. *** <3, end quote.

As I remember it there was a lot more expletives than that. :lol:

Sumner, eventho we played in the same tribe for a short while I am happy I met you. I didnt think of much back in Bunny, but the more you started to see me as a better leader the more I trusted myself aswell. You made me want to be better than you and to prove it. We are different but I learned from you, and I tried my best to continue your work. Im happy you did a great work to make a tribe so full of potential, if I didnt have something to work with I wouldnt be here. I hope to see you play on worlds in the future, will be interested to see you. maybe who knows, in years time we will co-duke. <3 we will keep chatting on skype time to time Im sure.

I'm glad to have given you drive, even if it was the drive to prove yourself better than me. If anybody deserves to have won it's you, I don't think I've ever met somebody with the patience you had to have had to deal with such..characters.


Great work wobble, well deserving of winning the world. Ana, you led your tribe fantastically, few I have seen done better. You had the respect of your tribe, and many of your opponents (including myself).
Fighting wobble was one of my funnest experiences in tribalwars, until my schooling had to take priority. However I must say, at TB! you were not exactly taken lightly, it was always known that wobble were the biggest threats. Certains players poked fun, tried to find weaknesses but that just showed your strength in sticking together and dealing with the banter. Most of you held yourselves well, but ofcourse on both sides it got a little out of hand sometimes.

But all in all probably most most memorable world, and would be honored to play with anyone from it again. Not even going to bother naming the accounts i played on :/ If you remembered me well done!


Ana didnt even give Flux a shoutout lol :(

Me neither. I was there for almost 2 and a half hours and no mention whatsoever.


Anna Banana: Well done you, I know you thought you might have missed out on getting a world win after W58, but I'm so glad you did it. Never two more deserving players than you or Muso, Your inability to ever give up is something that everybody, me especially, can learn from. Took the opportunity I mentioned to you last time on Skype so haven't been around but we must catch up soon! <3.



Fluxy sorry but I didnt wanna be unfair to the members in the tribe.. there are a lot of people that didnt make it but I wish they could have.. either way you know I wuv you, we have been friends since a lot of time and you done great when you were active <3

Lenssssyyy. Thanks, I think everyone should know you are the reason I joined W65 :D You were like, lets co-duke.. and it just happened :D It would of been great to have you in Wobble aswell but meh who knows maybe in years we will do it again :D Bunny will always be a dear tribe to me <3

Aaaaand the world just closed... can't sign in anymore ;(((((( oh well.. time for life I guess :D. Thanks to all the kind words <3 And remember, I'll always be on skype for a chat. (seraphin_anna)

Hugs, Ana


Well done again guys, special congratulations to my w58 friends :)

~Ts Jay~


Yes! I've always wanted to read one of these prized Wobble circs! ;)

I didn't have time to read it all but it was nice to read some of the story from your perspective and I will try to finish reading it all off later. I can say, however, that I personally never took Wobble lightly. Especially considering that nearly all my efforts in TW for a long period of time were centred with the sole aim of destroying Wobble.

TB! were definitely an easier tribe to duke than Wobble when regarding the number of characters which were vying to cause an implosion at any moment. No offense to Wobble, but the point I'm trying to make is that this lends credence to how good of a leader Ana must have been. I would have quit, deleted and smashed a few dozen computer screens if I was in Ana's position for just a week!

I wish TB! could have stayed together for longer to give Wobble an even tougher challenge. Many players in TB! played well, worked hard and were unfortunate not to gain any formal reward but the pleasure in rimming a good few enemies. Anyone who I've lost contact with, please do drop me a mail here or on skype.

I think Ana and I are particularly aware that this world has provided joy but also frustration in good measure. It is of course always the happy moments that we will always treasure and remember and I am really happy to have had a small part in TB! in having shaped some of the history of this world.
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Heya and thanks for the kind words. I wasn't always strong but I am a stubborn little girl :D. I just simply told myself I can't give up. And repeated it 100 times a day (rofl). It was a real challange. I never considered myself a great player or a great duke. I know I have strong points, but I did lack things I seen in others aswell. I think I sorta picked up on the way, no tribe is the same and strategies always change, so I had to learn on the way aswell.. If it wasnt that I knew I had people around me that believed in me and were loyal and were beside me I would have collapsed. Muso did a great deal to help me when that happened. Or when I had exams and couldn't concentrate on tw.. Ofc he wanted to disband the tribe at one point :D but he was strong for me. Im generally a very chillout person in RL, one of those that is always calm and never really argues. But ofcourse when I do get upset I kinda burst out :D. Happened a few times on this world which is a lot more than in actual RL lol.

I think tw is really complex, but you don't really wanna explain it to others to being that big of a deal else you kinda show off as a bit of a crazy person.. but then again someone told me something that I find pretty true " only crazy people play this game". So I put a lot of my intelectual efforts (which aren't that much since I'm blonde) into this world and I just didn't wanna lay that to waste.. Plus I thought it would of been cool to win as duke. Not giving me much in RL now that it is done but atleast I can have some closure from this game lol.

I really don't want to return to it tho. For people like me it is a bad influence. It is a game, and when it is not fun you can just step away. I didn't do that and it is not good. The point I'm trying to make is, that there are a lot of better things to do with your time. For what is worth, I do not regret it, not like I do much with the rest of my time anyway (supposed to be studying but I am the most lazy person on Earth). I do believe tw did help me (learned english so much better, made my thinking a bit more.. hmm calculated, and I get interested with diplomatic stuff between countries , indirectly I met a friend and later my boyfriend (no, haters, I can surely get anyone I am interested in thats around me(overconfident much?) , but yeah I am one of the few lucky persons that found someone special, so special distance can be overcomed for the sake of it).

But.. since we ARE wasting time on this game guess atleast we can congratulate eachother here... TB did a good job, from 0 to top 3 is not something easy (I know it wasnt 0 , just trying to emphasize something there). Hold its ground till the point I thought I can't do anything no more to save our situation (OK I lied, I am a negative person). I really thought the tribe was gonna collapse and it was gonna be my fault and I wasnt gonna be able to do anything (and because I been duke and failed on 2 other worlds I knew I wont like that road). So I want to congratulate you electricool, if a sum of situations were just a bit different at that time, your tribe might have took advantage of that and we would face a different scenario now. I am not saying TB were bad, but the skill difference was different in the percentage of players we had that were skilled. Going as far as pushing us to the edge , eventho it was formed from 2 tribes is something to be acknowledged. So there, thanks for a challange well done. It was a struggle and you made it be a struggle. In a way maybe the world wouldnt be as memorable if it wasnt like that.

It was a rollercoaster with ups and downs it was hard not to fall off. But either side held on tight not to fall off. So, in the end, we had a good fight, we also laughed, we also cried (was it just me?) now its nice to just shake hands and congratulate eachother for the road.

Sigh I wrote a lot again... and Im tired probably not much make sense up there.. but meh I can do whatever I want :D


I’m going to sound like a grumpy old man, but oh well.

I hate to sound bitter in a way, but I think Ana is getting too much credit. Now I’m not fishing around for praise or anything, it’s just that a lot of work that many of us did has gone under the radar. There was a stage back in the TB/AAA war where pretty much Rizz/I sat every front line account there was. TJ and Or-el also sat a massive amount of accounts during this period and it was a real shame that has all been forgotten in a way and it really just seems that Ana won the world. I know being duke affected your real life, with Uni and such but it had an impact on all of us.

I love you to bits Ana, and I really hope this doesn’t upset you but really it was a lot more then you that won this world. All your posts, and most people who have posted on the externals it seems that w65 has revolved around you. We all went through a tough period but we got through it by a lot of hard work from a core group of players. All we need to do is give a lot more credit to the unsung heros that helped us get through the opening stages to the TB war.

TB was a terrible tribe, ran by overconfident idiots that thought they were king shit. If I was bothered I would track through the externals and bring up the post from Trex declaring victory. The only real people that showed half an ability to play were the guys up north, but in saying that they were all turtles and barb noblers. Yes maybe the tactic may have been so we didn’t tear through them early on, but also stopped you from nobling us. You couldn’t even remove us from a front line when I had 5 villages 75 hours away from the rest of my villages. You let us grow and look what happened. Poor tactics led this to happen and it’s impossible to say a good tribe would have let decent players get established on the front.

Oh that’s right, you guys took a rim tribe to ranking in the top 2. Well anyone that has the power to invite could have done that. All you did was capitalised on players who weren't quite sure what they wanted when Yarr broke up. More also joined from the rim because you were the biggest tribe in the area so they just wanted protection. That was easily seen how the little players just crumbled with little or no help from the rest. Truth is, once the shit from Wobble gave up and quit, you could not stop us.

I will probably come under a little fire for the post, but can't say I really care though. For what they put us through in this world they deserve nothing but ‘ha ha you lost’. All our enemies were shit and the end of the world rankings show that. #tellingitlikeitis

Love Insom.


There is always that one guy who titles himself as the world historian and proceeds to debate their skewed view of events, even when no one else could give a shit anymore. The history as to why Wobble beat TB! has been debated at great boring lengths elsewhere.

The memories from this world are Wobble's, TB!'s and everyone else's who played this world as much as they are yours. Don't try and rewrite other people's memories with your own. If you want to believe that all of Wobble's enemies were shit, even though you say yourself you went through "tough periods", then you can believe that. But keep it to yourself rather than trying to spoil a rare moment of unity when everyone else is celebrating the end.

This thread was written by Ana about her own experiences as duke of Wobble, so it's natural that most of the attention would be on her. No where does it imply that she won the world on her own. If you're jealous and want more praise, you're welcome to make your own appreciation thread too.


Insom I didn't mean to get more attention than deserved.. but I'm so cool even my enemies take my part XD

JOKIIIIIIINGGGGGGGG. You know I love you Insom, but you have to admit there were a lot of times when I had to go to the grave and fish my council back. I never said I did it alone, and repeatedly said how I had help from muso especially and rest of council, that includes you too :) I have paid my respects to everyone <3

Rizz also had a lot to help and I know you were here at the key points in the world and I will always be gratefull for that. Everyone can enjoy the win how they want, but I have gone "hahahaha you lost" a few times by now, and I just wanna have a nice peacefull end of stage now. Cus I have been on the loosing side aswell and I know its not something enjoyable.

Its ok you cleared that up and everyone knows you had an awesome impact in the north. Especially with all the Ops and sittings <3 You don't have to doubt that :)

Hugs and love and damn Im so hungover from last night :( , Ana