Unconfirmed Construction Overview - 'Hammer' select broken

One Last Shot...

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Tribal Wars Team
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Bug Priority
Medium Bug (gameplay slightly affected)
Bug Type
Functional bug
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Bug Reproduction Steps
  1. Go to the 'Construction Overview' (it does not matter what group you use; it just needs to view more than 1 vllage).
  2. Click the 'hammer' icon on the top left, above all the villages.
  3. Previously, this selected all villages in one go to be able to build from; now, it doesn't select any.
Bug Reproducibility
Happens always

I've included a screenshot for reference.

When clicking this top 'hammer', it previously selected all hammers for you so you could build up multiple villages from this overview.

Following the most recent update, this no longer works.

This has been confirmed by a number of players.


In-Game Staff
Tribal Wars Team
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Cannot reproduce - it works for me, just with some noticeable lag between clicking the button and having all villages selected.