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=STRH=/=LOCK= vs PUNCH! war analysis. (Thanks to kamarah)
[spoil]Wars stats
Side 1:
Tribes: =STRH=, =LOCK=
Side 2:
Tribes: PUNCH!

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 7
Difference: 7

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 28,762
Difference: 28,762


Being the tribe who declared war, one would expect a spike in village caps for =STRH= at the time of declaration. Any organised tribe would have at least a half decent plan of attack before declaring war. However, there has been no village caps by =STRH= or =LOCK= as of the time of this writing. Also considering the relative size of PUNCH vs =STRH= and the much greater average points per players, it does not look good for the side of =STRH=. Add in that the majority of the shared area between the two tribe are a few clusters of =STRH= isolated within PUNCH! controlled territory, and it looks even worse.

However, with PUNCH! apparently more focused on the REL war (as clearly shown by the =STRH=/PUNCH! war thread, which quickly devolved to discussion about REL vs PUNCH!) =STRH= may still have a fighting chance.

The main weakness of =STRH= is that they are primarily comprised of smaller members, which means they lack nobles. It takes either a lot of time or extreme coordination for their players to cap a village under those conditions. With the PUNCH! players being obviously experienced, taking a village by running a single noble back and forth is out of the question, which leaves coordinating nobles across multiple players as the only option.

If =STRH= can take advantage of the REL distraction, then they could potentially make a recovery in this war. It could buy them some of the time they need to put together the coordination they need to be successful in this war. Considering their past past war with STORM, which they lost 8 villages and gained none, their hopes are grim. Also add in their recent massive merger with former second place k34 tribe, KOH, i expect that they are more disorganized than ever. It does not look like any other k34 tribes are going to jump in to help either.

With the large border =STRH= shares with Act1, we may see another side joining in against them, which would likely result in a massive exodus of players away from =STRH= and their eventual disbandment.

The only thing that I think can save them now is if they cut all of the mass-recruit-fat and reform under a different name with only their good players. =STRH= does have quite a few good members, but they are burdened by all of the other. - February 7th 2011

=STRH= has since disbanded - February 11th[/spoil]

This is where all the old continent reviews will be placed.​
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K25 Review

K25 Top 5 Tribes
Rank 1: PUNCH! - 483.942 Points, 118 Villages, 36.72% Continent Dominance
Rank 2: REL - 197.707 Points, 76 Villages, 14.74% Continent Dominace
Rank 3: REBORN - 90.779 Points, 48 Villages
Rank 4: ZOMBIE - 55.795 Points, 17 Villages
Rank 5: SLS - 34.699 Points, 17 Villages
Rank 1 Tribe - PUNCH!
Full Tribe Name - Who Are They?
Number of Members - 63
Points of Top 40 Members - 1.156.772
Total Points - 1.391.313
Average Points Per Member - 22.084
World Tribal Ranking - 4
Opponents Defeated:

Total: 2.465.294 (Rank 11)
Attacker: 1.92 Million (Rank 11)
Defender: 546.638 (Rank 27)

Tribe Analysis: PUNCH! are the dominant force of K25, shown by their almost 22% lead in terms of Continent Dominance and just under 300.000 point lead on their nearest rival REL. In terms of the struggle for the continent, PUNCH! are currently warring REL for control of K25, something which shall be further analysed later on. For a non-core tribe, being Rank 4 at this stage of the game is an achievement to say the least, with only a member count of 63 there is obviously room for expansion and recruitment if they so wished. The rank 11 in ODT is good, they may wish to push into the top 10 to silence any critics over their recent merge and accusations of being mass recruiters. Their top 40 member count accumalates to over 1.1 million, which again is an achievement to show their dominance of the areas they control, and in K25 unless REL manage to fight back, their dominance of this continent seems certain.

Rank 2 Tribe - REL

Full Tribe Name - Relentless
Number of Members - 76
Points of Top 40 Members - 238.106
Total Points - 284.638
Average Points Per Member - 3.745
World Tribal Ranking - 47
Opponents defeated:

Total: 745.318 (Rank 61)
Attacker: 308.241 (Rank 71)
Defender: 437.077 (Rank 47)

Tribe Analysis: The second dominant force in K25 with an almost 15% dominance of the continent. Although behind PUNCH! they have a 100.000 lead on their closest rival REBORN. Warring PUNCH! for control of K25, REL are certainly the underdogs in all statistical ways. They have an average ODA amount, only 24.000 more then their points, something they may wish to work on and suitable considering they are at war to work on. Their points average is 3.745, showing they are being held back perhaps by the smaller and slower growth members of the tribe. 76 Members, a larger count then PUNCH! but leaves them with smaller room to manover, but could remove deadweight if a merge was presented to them. Due to the war with PUNCH! they shall need to fight and hold their ground if they wish to keep their spot in K25, or keep their tribe at all.

Rank 3 Tribe - REBORN

Full Tribe Name - Reborn
Number of Members - 59
Points of Top 40 Members - 91.282
Total Points - 104.161
Average Points Per Member - 1.765
World Tribal Ranking - 121
Opponents defeated:
Total: 102.491 (Rank 242)
Attacker: 36.203 (Rank 263)
Defender: 66.288 (Rank 216)

Tribe Analysis: Reletively unknown tribe, no external forum presence and im unaware of any wars they are participating in currently. A low ODA amount compared to their Points, and their Average Points also show they are either a developing tribe or a tribe with an inactive baseline. 59 Members also shows in comparison with PUNCH! who have 63 (48 Villages compared to 118) that they are behind and certainly if they wish to show any form of resistance to PUNCH!'s takeover of K25 they need to improve and build fast.

Rank 4 Tribe - ZOMBIE

Full Tribe Mame - The Walking Dead
Number of Members - 96
Points of Top 40 Members - 335.490
Total Points - 471.717
Average Points Per Member - 4.913
World Tribal Ranking - 33
Opponents defeated:
Total: 1.782.617 (Rank 21)
Attacker: 1.51 Million (Rank 16)
Defender: 286.931 (Rank 84)

Tribe Analysis: New Tribe, set up on the rim by Bloodhood and Sellsword, experiancing a lot of forum questioning recently over the tribe's methods, disputing the mass recruitment thrown on the table due to their member count of 96. Only 17 Villages in K25, but based on their ODA which is over 3x their total points they seem to be a force to be reckoned with, my only problem is with how spread out they are, could lead to problems in the future but could not, depends how well trained they really are. In terms of K25 dominance, something they cant do in their current posistions.

Rank 5 Tribe - SLS

Number of Members: 29
Points of Top 40 Members: 50.084
Total Points: 50.084
Average Points Per Member: 1.727
World Tribal Ranking: 184
Opponents defeated:
Total: 55.765 (Rank 308)
Attacker: 13.918 (Rank 368)
Defender: 41.847 (Rank 269)

Tribe Analysis: Reletively unknown tribe, with no known external forum presence. Small overall member count of 29, with only 17 in K25 itself, small average as well, showing this as a possible new tribe looking to grow. Family tribe (SLS II) and also a low ODA shows that this tribe is really irrelevent at this moment in time to any goings on in K25.

K25 Dominance War: PUNCH! vs. REL

Side 1:
Tribes: PUNCH!
Side 2:
Tribes: REL
Timeframe: Last month
Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 7
Side 2: 1
Difference: 6

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 21,244
Side 2: 4,046
Difference: 17,198


PUNCH! are shown to have a lead of 6 villages here and with their overall dominance as shown over REL, is it too little too late for them?​
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K56 and -F-/Cheese war Review

K56 Top 5 Tribes
Rank 1: -F- - 1.09 Million Points, 223 Villages, 40.56% Continent Dominance
Rank 2: cheese - 516.745 Points, 147 Villages, 18.81% Continent Dominace
Rank 3: BTW - 298.587 Points, 86 Villages
Rank 4: MANIC - 80.632 Points, 39 Villages
Rank 5: -=K=- - 78.189 Points, 22 Villages

Rank 1 Tribe - -F-
Tribe name: Fighters
Number of members: 68
Points of the best 40 players: 1.548.500
Total points: 1.877.348
Average points: 27.608
World Ranking: 3
Opponents Defeated:
Total: 5.257.876 Million (Rank 1)
Attacker: 3.69 Million (Rank 3)
Defender: 1.57 Million (Rank 2)

Tribe Analysis: -F- are the clear dominant force in K56, with double the points and continent dominance to their fierce rivals cheese. Their is currently a war going on between the top two tribes in K56, something which shall be analysed later on. In statistical ways -F- are in control, Rank 3 in ODA and the highest ODT in the world at the moment! Also being Rank 3 helps too. Their average points of 27.608 is extremely good showing they are a tribe tactically and positionally. With also an 84 village lead on cheese, they currently look stronger for it.

Rank 2 Tribe - cheese

Full Tribe Name - cheescake inc
Number of Members - 85
Points of Top 40 Members - 513.816
Total Points - 653.037
Average Points Per Member - 7.682
World Tribal Ranking - 31
Opponents defeated:

Total: 2.254.575 (Rank 23)
Attacker: 1.05 Million (Rank 31)
Defender: 1.21 (Rank 6)

Tribe Analysis: The second dominant force in K56 with a 19% dominance of the continent. Although 1/2 a million behind -F- on points, cheese are 200k ahead of their closest rival BTW. They are currently at war with -F- over control of K56, something to be analysed later. Their ODA rank is matching their tribe ranking and they have a high ODD, showing they are a strong tribe defensively compared to how they are offensively. Their average of 7.682 is also eclipsed by -F- but they have a huge advantage over BTW. With 60 villages ahead of BTW, they seem set in their position for now.

Rank 3 Tribe - BTW

Full Tribe Name - Born To Win
Number of Members - 52
Points of Top 40 Members - 357.426
Total Points - 382.638
Average Points Per Member - 7.358
World Tribal Ranking - 36
Opponents defeated:
Total: 1.222.666 (Rank 50)
Attacker: 727.443 (Rank 45)
Defender: 495.223 (Rank 60)

Tribe Analysis: Small in comparison to -F-, 140 villages behind the top and also eclipsed in terms of Points, ODA and their averages. The tribe is not involved in the K56 war as i am aware of and are yet to make their move, either side they could join would be a strategic boost to them. However keeping quiet may suit them, with a 210k lead on their closest rivals.

Rank 4 Tribe - MANIC

Full Tribe Mame - MANIC
Number of Members - 50
Points of Top 40 Members - 146.287
Total Points - 158.180
Average Points Per Member - 3.163
World Tribal Ranking - 89
Opponents defeated:
Total: 355.645 (Rank 141)
Attacker: 51.914 (Rank 242)
Defender: 303.731 (Rank 100)

Tribe Analysis: Unknown tribe, their ranking puts them out of any race for dominance of K56, their ODA has questions to be asked for, but some people could argue that they are simply a developing tribe, could they be leaving it too late to develop? A small lead on rival -=K=- they can only be currently regarded as a fringe tribe, but things can change, possibly a merger as most beneficial to their future.

Rank 5 Tribe - -=K=-

Full Tribe Name: KaTiPuNaN
Number of Members: 10
Points of Top 40 Members: 81.985
Total Points: 81.985
Average Points Per Member: 8.198
World Tribal Ranking: 136
Opponents defeated:
Total: 145.834 (Rank 222)
Attacker: 94.680 (Rank 183)
Defender: 51.154 (Rank 271)

Tribe Analysis: Unknown Tribe, small member and village count, however, an average of 8.198 between 10 members, could possibly be a tribe of unknown players, maybe being recruited into larger tribes in the future or as mentioned before used for a merge.

K56 Dominance War: -F- vs. cheese

Side 1:
Tribes: -F-
Side 2:
Tribes: cheese

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 272
Side 2: 99
Difference: 173

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 20
Side 2: 7
Difference: 13

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 855,187
Side 2: 176,905
Difference: 678,282

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 86,551
Side 2: 34,750
Difference: 51,801


In a war such as this, it is not surprising to see -F- infront based on the tactical analysis, however, it cannot be said that cheese are simply out of the war, as they are fighting back, and considering -F-'s 500k lead on cheese, they have only put a 50k dint into cheese so far, is this a war which will turn into a stalemate with either side simply blowing steam?
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Good luck. Let's hope you keep doing it for more than 2 months...

I'd like you to review K56, and possibly the -F-/Cheese war.


hi can i get a rewiev of my 15x15 ? i would love to see the progress of i want milk vs i want milk. (no this is not spamming, simply e-peen measurment)


K65 please good sir :)
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