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After some recruitment, Haul are closing the gap on Tutti for K dominance. Luckily, it's a peaceful split between the two tribes, and we enjoy each other's company ;)

desperate to keep it that way, huh. ;)


S-D is pushing for the rim, running from MoM, running from Tutti or just running... who knows what the ducks are up to these days ??
atleast they are not "sitting" anymore, but "jumping" a few K´s :)

Also in K15: Divine alliance Vs. POSSE. POSSE have lost ground at the moment as the alliance push forward.

PwN have also seemed to start entering the area.



1 Old 2,40 Mio. 279
2 A.D.D. 1,65 Mio. 244
3 ~TBS~ 621.622 139
4 150ms 192.265 26
5 BE 161.549 47

150ms(formerly SWAT), the tribe that dominated the K since the start till about 2 weeks ago, has fallen apart and Old has taken over. SHOW disbanded to make way for A.D.D. which is essentially the best of SHOW. I have it on good authority that A.D.D. are planning to attack us, and I say best of luck :)

~TBS~ are a bunch of awful, awful noobs.
BE are chump change.

scarlet ash


Rank Tribe name Points Villages
1 SETO 2,54 Mio. 343 - After a lot of OLDREF members joined SETO they now dominate for the moment.
2 Old 1,90 Mio. 227 - Had dominance but fell behind OLDREF just a bit and now the recruitment of OLDREF into SETO lead SETO to a larger dominance.
3 WET 846.395 130 - Not too bad a tribe. Haven't seen much about them but they seem friendly people and hold K58.
4 God 356.548 50 - Small member base compared to the rest. Doing quite well.
5 OLDREF 353.833 48
- Most members joined SETO


This is the look of the top20 in k32. +B+ and Gen dominate the K after +B+ took down ~TNR~ nobling 35villages for a gain of 230k in 4days. They disband

Rank Tribe name Points Villages
1 +B+ 1,90 Mio. 261
2 Gen 1,36 Mio. 185
3 ~TSR~ 410.124 96
4 |B| 217.581 65
5 P.I,D 158.566 24
6 A! 110.173 22
7 H.K 74.741 28
8 DTA 70.331 20
9 NOT 63.036 14
10 DaD 35.391 6
11 RiPT 32.987 8
12 Right 32.774 7
13 CoP 32.182 8
14 A_M 26.329 6
15 MoM 25.408 4
16 RISING 16.090 8
17 conqer 10.092 3
18 W.A.Y. 9.515 3
19 T A 9.385 11
20 TAKA. 8.612 5


So you've heard about that eh? :p Escape is a bit of a strong word for it; none of the players I have looked into have lost any villages at all to OHYEAH and are not being attacked, nor were they going to be any time real soon.

There was just a bit of debris in the way that had to be cleared first. When the goats arrived at their doorstep, escape became the word of choice.


I don't see any family tribes in k61 or k62.

then you should pay more attention to your K's

There was S.O.A and SOAA (DEAD now :) )to name one. And there were many other nameless ones that have fallen


I forgot about them, but that is only 1, and I don't think there are active tribes that are families in k61 or k62.

spartan clan

there were quite a few [Rim] has had a presence in K61 for a while now 2nd place with 19 villas, and i can assure you [Rim] is definitely not a family tribe or a tribe that likes to hug

i am unaware of what goes on in K62 might look into it later and post what i think but i might not lol


I haven't joined a new world in quite some time so I don't know how many people have been joining newer worlds... K68 is currently only 1/3 full(see image), will this world keep bringing in new people and eventually fill up this K, or can we assume this is about as full as this world will get? I'm just asking because I haven't played a new world recently so I have nothing to reference.



This is likely about as far as it will expand. It might get a few more vills out but you are going to stay within a click of the edge.


Good, that means I can just look one way and not worry about being stabbed in the back. :icon_eek:

Then again... nowhere to run....