I am wanting to play tribal wars again, but I do not have all day to play it again. I am putting myself up for a coplaying position.

If you need help on any world, message me on here, or simply reply to this thread. Think its that easy? Hold on, wait till you read my experience.

I have played for about 2 and a half years, but total of 4 (for various others.. UK, a German one)
I know how to back time, snipe, and everything...
I raised a player from 52k to about 2.7 mil before he wanted to (single play) again. So, I left him with that. But, I also raised his ODA greatly. Points aren't everything so don't look at this post thinking I can get you easy points, cause thats not what its about. Lol.
If you need anymore info, simply private message me.