hell is this still going on lol i stay away from tw come bake and your still arguing ho and looks like you have had fun with my vills


27 days left and the win goes to Spam. They recruited every useless player on the map to cinch it.

ilgorgo loser loser Spam, enjoy your win

atid99 you were the biggest disappointment. Not only can you attack ex tribemates but you supported the enemy while with us. Shame on you. Dont even go there with the honor thing.

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All you need to know i've got plenty of experience.
lol at this
Cry me a river of support.

churchill48018 pulled support as soon as it landed (sent by sitter) Prolly the biggest ass Spam recruited.

transamkane and hammerman180 lolololol

You recruited for the win instead of fighting. Your win will not be worth a brag.


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There are now 15 days left.

Final countdown
75 / 90 days
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and it looks like i will still be here at the end so good work from strap on ending my w60 but i think i still have a vill or 2 its being fun with you all on both sides of the war

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Definitely isnt fair that i'm getting a world win out of this, especially since I haven't really done anything and I'm not sure if the account owner knows that I am still on the account...


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The last player I saw sitting Nemesis was Crazy Eight, whatever his motive are for disbanding the tribe is up to him, Im glad I already quit World 60.

It was a fun world to begin with, with many wars being fought and a nuke happy world where strategy and experience comes into play, im happy that i've met lots of interesting players who made this game enjoyable to play with.

Either way congratulations to those who have won.......You have proven your the best and nobody can take that away from you...

And for all those who made this game really know who you are I don't need to mention you guys...

Thank You Very MUCH!!!



w60 the joke of the tribalwars community, all I can say is good riddance, c8 still in spam *facepalm* I might as well join tls
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Congrats to everyone that survived the W60 marathon and that includes all members from both sides.