Am I the only one who feels fooled by their business on the long term? :>
Probably. I presume those over 16 understand that InnoGames cannot continue to fund something that is losing them money.


I don't really care about their money if they don't care about my 4 years spent in their game, considering that this game has no winning rules, others than economical reasons. That's where I feel fooled by them.


I did a little collative research:

Rank	World	Players
1. 	W12	267
2. 	W10	330
3. 	W2	332
4. 	W1	359
5. 	W4	393
6. 	W6	409
7. 	W14	446
8. 	W15	448
9. 	W5	472
10. 	W7	484
11. 	W16	522
12. 	W3	546
13. 	W11	550
14. 	W8	600
15. 	W13	648
16. 	W9	650
17. 	W18	695
18. 	W20	718
19. 	W19	782
20. 	W17	911
Using my own Scenario B, I'd wager W12 is at the forefront of finishing, followed by W10.

W6 is only 6th.


no wonder for W6... we have too many tribes and they are splitting as we speak, creating the illusion of an active world.


The game is "won" when one tribe holds all the villages, but, even in that case - the game is not over, the tribe could elect to split into quadrants and fight it out again.

As previous people have said, it's either when a tribe nobles out all other tribes and agrees to end the world, or, when the revenue generated per world falls below a figure that innogames have in mind (read, electricity cost).

In short, you'll never get the concise answer that you're looking for, there are too many variables (players decisions) to give such an answer.

Further reading available here:




I don't think we, in W6, asked anything :D we already know that this game has no real end and I would not be surprised to find out that most players don't care. I really want DNY in W12 to conquer everything as soon as possible. There will be a new wave of deletions and probably some players will start thinking again and demand some changes.


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So what's the current number? You know how I love to keep up on trends and the such. Are my CHE!!! friends still kicking teh ass?


so just jumping in the thread...

was curious did anyworld end, and what is W6 players now??