In Progress Creating a New Account Manager Troop Template With the Same Name Overwrites the Original's Values

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Medium Bug (gameplay slightly affected)
Bug Type
Functional bug
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Bug Reproduction Steps
1. Select an existing troop template in the "Copy from Template" drop down list
2. Modify the values
3. Click the "Create New Template" button
Bug Reproducibility
Happens always
A new bug has been caused by the completion of DS-21461 .

In account manager troop templates, when you attempt to create a new template using an existing one. The create button acts as a save and create, overwriting the existing troop template's values. Please observe the following screenshots:


Copy from template was used and the values were modified. In the next screenshot we see what happens after clicking "Create new template".


A new template was created with the new values. However the existing template was also saved with the new values.


In fact one can modify the template name and it still overwrites the existing template's values:


Clicking "Create new template" yields:

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Thanks, we'll look into it!

Frying Pan Warrior

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@Frying Pan Warrior Can you please verify if this issue still exists?

It does.

I created a new template called Test with 100 spears.

Then I used the copy from template drop down and selected Test.
Then I edited it to 50 spears, and set its name to Test2 and clicked "Create new template".


Then it incorrectly changed the values of Test to reflect those of Test2.