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It's me.

And if I made that sig, I'd move the text close to the focal, at the minute it's like there's 2 focals almost.

Genetic Engineer


Cropped version
Cropped is better but your colours are quite dull you could do with focusing more on your dark and light areas. Maybe add a black - white gradient and set it to luminosity, that'll contrast your colours more removing a bit of that hazing effect you have. Then if you want to be even more specific you can go new layer > apply image then on this new layer you can use the burn/dodge tools to select areas for light and dark, so for example you'd dodge the right side of his body and head as this is where the light is hitting and then burn the left side of his body to create more shadows. You could also add some lighting through a large soft white brush either lowered opacity or on soft light to create more of a present light source. Oh and you might even want to crop it a little bit more both height and width ways, too much dark space on the left there.

EDIT : And a selective colour adjustment layer, works amazingly to colour your piece
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Could someone CnC this please......
Not a bad idea, and the colours aren't too bad exactly, just some of the positioning is off.

You have three focals in this piece. The character, the top left and the bottom left. The splits the eyes everywhere, if you look at top, really nice sigs and wonder why they look really good, 9 times out of 10 its due to positioning and placement more than anything.

What you could do here, for example, is move the (jeep?) more to the right, which would bring it closer to your focal. It's a bit too busy in general, you want the edges of your piece to be less busy than the focal.

It might help to try making them narrower (height-wise), and try some with the longer, thinner type, and just having one focal. This might help you get into the habit of creating an image drawn to a certain area, for example from the edges inwards, or from left to right, or the center outwards, etc.

Just focus on getting the positioning right, and the rest will follow in time.



Thanks for CnC-ing my piece ^^ and for boon as well....... this is my first piece in long time so really appreciate positive feedback.
I will make amendments as you suggested and hopefully will present another piece (for CnC) very soon. Regards.



Someone should teach me how to smudge.
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Someone should teach me how to smudge.
Your smudging is probably better than mine tbh.

It's not often I say this, but the first one needs more effects. Something to blend the render in more. The background and colour isn't bad, it's just that it still has a bit of that "render on a background" look. Some effects behind, and slighly over, the render can help to blend it. Also, try and include some shadows on the render. Her right side (our left) could use some more shadowing.

The smudge piece has good flow, probably more than anything I would say that whatever filter (?) you have over the top could do with removing. Less noise, the noise doesn't really add to it, you are better off screening a star stock over the background than using distortion filters unless you layer them upwards with decreasing opacity, it can work.

If you want some nitpicking, you coule probably work on the render lighting more, for example the bottom right (his left leg) has really nice lighting there, really blends. The right side though (our left) could use more shadowing as the light source is behind him, so naturally his front would be darker.

I haven't smudged in ages. Bleh. I need more practice. >.< colour is shocking. May actually retouch it.


Oh my.. I havent done anything with photoshop for a really long time :p
But I decided to make a new tag, just for fun :D



Yo guys, it's been some time aye? :)
Got into the graphics section of this course thing i gotta do and had to open up the old GIMP and put some things together, i'm hella' rusty but hey, a bit of CnC would be nice.
I know they're awful, but meh.

Yeah, the second one isn't a sig, i know, it's just a mess around.