Critique Thread


I'm just lost.

Looks unfinished because I have no idea what else to do with it.
I hadn't really smudged before, only a few times, no tablet to really do it with, but I'm not confident enough with my older style that I didn't really like anyway.

You don't really need a tablet to do decent smudging, yes if you want to get more advanced with it and more detailed it is the way to go, BUT, what I think would improve yours would be more detail in the smudging. Layer some additional colouring, don't be afraid to zoom in and add sections of darker and lighter colour (usually darker on the inside and lighter on the outside). Use a small brush (like 4-6 px) and 80 - 90% strength and then just meld the interior colours together so it looks more flowing, instead of just a "block" of colour.

To give you an example:

A really quick example, but you get the idea. Add some more detail throughout so you don't just have solid colour blocks, that is what makes it feel incomplete. It's a little tedious and time consuming, but focus on adding detail and it will look better, but it's quite a good piece. It's in the detailing that will take it from "quite good" to "very good". :)