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Duke Ivanho

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If your Main Account is in .ru/ .de/, it's very complicated or almost impossible to transfer your account to a different server permamently. There are thousands of players in every server and many wants to move .net server or .de server eventually someday like wgen a new world starts with his/her favourite settings, but as they cannot they has to make a New Account. It's very unfortunate & many doesn't like it as they loses their identity in the new server & cannot maintain mutiple server accounts actively! And there's many more issues related this.

So we request TW Team to Update this with following rules or similar:

  • If a player plays in a particular world for least 3 months or more without discontinuation then Cross-server Account Transfer will be available for him from in-game Menu below "settings". P.S.: In between 3 months stay in that world if the player goes inactive for +7 days (including going vacation for +7 days) or after account deletion he/she doesn't respawn again within 3 days then this feature won't be available for him; and "3 months Play" will be reset for him for that world.
  • After this function is available, player can immediately transfer that Account to any server. When transferring all ongoing world progesses will be lost in this server, so it's recommended to finish a or more worlds before transferring. After transfering once, player cannot transfer again for next 6 months & without 3 moths continuous play in a world.
  • Player's other server medals, achievements & other rewards can be seen from his profile on "cross-server" section.


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I don't think this is technically feasible without a "merger" kind of context, so I am expecting a no from development. However, I'm willing to let it go to vote.

Good luck!

Eakshow McGee

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i mean it was possible for us that played on .se to move our accounts to .net (premiumpoints & Flags was transfered, and could merge the .se account with existing .net account), so the tools should exist for this to be a thing?


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Technically this seems hard.

This cross-server account transfer thing technically is harder than merging a server to another one. So the tools that might exist for server merge might or might not handle all of what the cross-server account transfer includes.
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Would be cool if you could assign one account of yourself for each server and across all of them you'd have the same premium points, if spent in one would be spent in all of them, etc. It would also show the different achievements from worlds with the server indicated there as well. Would be an awesome thing to add especially for speed players because then we wouldn't have to worry about having premium everywhere