Currently recruiting in K15 and surrounds


I have the proud pleasure to be able to offer a chance for players to join this successful tribe.

The Righteous Kill :axemen: are recruiting now!

The tribe is based mainly in K15 and K14 of W36 and are seeking competent, active and aggressive players.

Your ODA needs to be good and comparable to your current points. I am not looking for Point whores or part time players that are dabbling in TW. You will be expected to actively take part in the tribal family and on our internal forums. You can expect strong leadership and as such you will have the ability to answer to the command structure of the tribe.

PA holders are preferable but non essential. If you are new to the game yet you feel that you will be able to fight with the best and maybe die with the best then the tribe offers a fantastic mentoring system if you require.

If you are still reading this it shows you have some interest so why not PM me directly so that we can discuss your needs.

TRK Understand that each player is an individual and as such shall be treated as one. The strength lies in you, our power is generated from you!
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Wwinner, looks like I found me a tribe then. :icon_wink: