~D3D~ lol =))

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I can understand how family tribes might now work with the shared forum thing...but still a tribe that posts on their profile that their strategy is 'We attack in groups. Our Brute strength is our best attack form,' is really not going to get too far lol
at least they are honest about it :icon_wink:


Yesterday : Funny spies from ~D3D~ want join iTribe

bogieman1 today at 19:42
hi i wannna join u r trbe

cn i hve an invite

first they want get invite

Gun4 today at 20:07
emm . why you left D3D ? tell something about you .

now im starting ask about prievious tribes . becouse i see it in tw stats

bogieman1 today at 22:35
ok i gt dissmissed

bogieman1 today at 22:37
because i never had a sitter for a few days i came bck yesterday but thy still dismissed me

bogieman1 today at 22:39
i hte tht dum trbe

this is lies ! how did i see it?

this link shows that everyday he's points are growing !!!

bogieman1 today at 22:39
i hte tht dum trbe

i was loyal to em but thy chucked me out just because i was inactive for a few days i evn cme bck yesterday
i'll foward u the message king mick messaged me


the forwarded massage

KING MICK today at 17:02
because you were of a lot of the time, without getting a sitter,
you were dissmissed from the tribe. dont bother asking to for an invite back, perhaps ou should have read the rules on sitting.

bogieman1 today at 22:41
u can't chuck me out like tht

u are dum as is u r trbe
i was loyal
only one mistake i hate u

fake massage

how did i see it?

KING MICK today at 17:02 he answered him why he are dissmissed

and here is the leaving time

bogieman1 Left 03rd January 2009 - 19:00

this means that that conversation was made before he got dismissed .
and i cant still stop louht about ~D3D~



the tribe name ~D3D~ sounds like DEAD
i think thats because they named their tribe what they think its going to be in afew weeks


Yeah, I hope they fail too. Not to burst their safety bubble, but when I was in there THEY DON'T SUPPORT EACHOTHER.

Now I'm in =FS=, and we shall rule the world!!

LOL! Good news guys, ~D4D~ is so scared of death that they merged with McD!! They are new D4~McD!! xDxDxDxDxDxD
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