"Dancing Sun Miracle" - Divine Mercy Hills, Philippines


"Dancing Sun Miracle" - Divine Mercy Hills, Philippines

Disclaimer: I'm agnostic that is looking for answers not some random theist looking to trying to evangelize everyone.
Now, on to things.


The miracle is the miracle of the dancing sun similar to the miracle witnessed in Fatima.
The miracle of the dancing sun seems to be a light show manifested and controlled by the heavens, as the sun will seem to dance in great bursts of light, then fade back to normal or grow dimmer. Intervals of a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes happen between the variation of light and the whole event lasts for a couple of minutes.
Only people in a certain area will be able to see it and it is unknown why only a certain area as the dancing sun will not appear to dance from the vantage of other people in other locations.

The first miracle was in fatima(?) and it was predicted before it happened. No video or photo evidence was recorded back then as it was sparse in that area, but eye witness accounts seem to have experience the same thing with little to no variation between accounts.

These miraculous event has been greatly been speculated, but with the help of modern recording and measuring devices, hopefully, we can get an explanation for it.
We still cannot explain it though and we also do not know how predictions of the time and locations of these events were done.

Discuss guys. I'm not 100% sure about my info, but as far as I know, it is correct. Feel free to do your own research about the "dancing sun miracle".

On to technicalities of the possible validity of the video.

This event in the Divine Mercy Hills, happened just a couple of days ago and now we'll have a hard time using the Delusion, mass hysteria, and the "idiots staring to long at the sun" argument as there is video evidence(which could have been manipulated, but again, the one who did it would have been brilliant to manipulate it the way he did).

Manipulation of focus:
The light will bokeh out if you play with the camera focus. The problem is, everything else stayed in focus while the light change.

Manipulation of Aperture:
Aperture changes the light that goes into the camera. The higher the aperture, the less light comes in, the more focused your shot would be. The lower the aperture, the more light comes in and the more blury your shots would be. Again the problem with this is the camera stays focused.

Manipulation of angle:
Yes, the camera was moving, but the refraction of light that goes into a lens is not as extreme as what was shown on the footage. The simple changing of angle would have a considerable effect, but the change the amount of light the sun gave should also not have affected the surrounding areas as the natural auto light balancing of a camera will not compensate that much that quickly from an angle.

Fatima incident:

I googled the Fatima incident and these website produced the most common hypothesis of what happened during the first event that happened in Fatima.


Problem and possibility of postulating a logical answer:

The biggest question I have on my mind regarding this event is
"How did they predict it?"

Once we answer this question, answers will follow quickly enough regarding what it might be and why things happened the way they did.

Any thoughts guys?

P.S. I'm not sure if this would be a good place to put this, but it's off-topica so I would think it is, unless posting religious queries are illegal. In which case, mods could delete it and give me a sanction. I just am really curious about this event and what people think.


Sorry guys, I just found the dimmer switch and was playing with it for a while.


Admittedly, religion is not my favourite topic for public discussion, because it's a hotly contested topic - like politics.

However, it is a favourite topic as a rule. I honestly am sceptical when I see videos like that, simply because there is always the possibility that it has been doctored/fixed/manipulated or whatever you want to call it. And the idea that someone would manufacture a miracle just for sensationalism, turns my stomach. But, being ever faithful, I like to believe it is in fact an honest-to-goodness miracle. I would love to see one myself one day, not merely to affirm my belief, but more so that I can prove a point to the nay-sayers.


As interesting and indeed beautiful as this appears to be, I fail to see how it is a miracle.
Just because science doesn't have an explanation for it at the moment, doesn't mean that some divine force is at work.


As interesting and indeed beautiful as this appears to be, I fail to see how it is a miracle.
Just because science doesn't have an explanation for it at the moment, doesn't mean that some divine force is at work.
Except when it does.

You just don't get it do you