David and Goliath


Hello folks of world 70,

So we sit here in k61, looting resources from polite barb villages allowing our members the ability to grow and prosper. When all of a sudden we have an attacker come in from 110 hrs away
:icon_rolleyes:, this attacker is none other than HighTide from the tribe TT. Now you might ask yourself what does a tribe do when 3 of it's members have nobles coming from 110 hrs out???


Now allotting appropriate time for rebuild of nukes lost here we are 2 weeks later having the same sort of an issue, So we here in NCS & NCA have had ourselves enough of a long range bully trying to go Goliath on our members. So we have decided to go David on the tribe responsible for hosting such a player.

We play this game for one reason and one reason only, WAR