ben is great

this place is pretty inactive :/

i've nearly forgot how fun it was to play =[

Good to still see HOPLON fighting strong, or at least that's what TWStats is telling me :/

what's been going on then guyzz ? looks like the same old shizzle to me =/

ben is great

oohhhh, i just looked more into the stats, and looks like HOPLON isn't really fighting much =[

Well, if i'm being totally honest here, i believe that HOPLON has had it time :/ and it's not really gonna come back...

I remember when HOPLON was in it's prime it had a vast family, now the family was organised, to an extent, i was in one of the branches for my early play in the family, and HOPLON used to be pushy and get there way, but they were the pro's and worked really well and hard to keep HOPLON as a rekoning force!!

But most of those players have left or moved to SCI in the merge (which was a big F up..) and now in V V V after SCIR0N diburst.

So really what i'm trying to say is, i love HOPLON to bits but it's really not functional anymore =[ and i think the time has come to move in with friends.

Also, if anyone has an account i could occasionally come on, just so i feel part of this once great world again, that would be sexylisous ;)

luv u guyz xx


HOPLON had its time? I must've been offline that day... :p

I would tell you to read the forums so you know what's going on, keep up on stats, wars, all that stuff, but the most active topic is nothing new, just another "w5 has no mod" topic lol, so I guess that means not much has changed, nothing new to catch up on?

ben is great

I don't regret quitting, i mean everything looks the same, but more dead lol

But ah i duno, i hope you guyz have fun :D