Dear Members of BoH


Speaking for an alliance that had to be made to bring down this "pathectic" tribe is not pathetic in its self?

I guess you could answer that better, as it has been Wisdom's super-alliance which has been specifically made to defeat [BA] and "West", not the other way. Read back to the hundreds of high preachings from prophet Inty about the great alliance they made to finish us off in a matter of weeks/months/soon/"never mind, I rather delete", instead of pulling random crap out of your imagination.

Seriously, you can't build a tower from crap, not even on PnP. Arguments, huh? With what?

I think a sign of maturity and a source of respect is to accept defeat, especially if you were losing from a winning position, instead of creating pathetic excuses.

EDIT: Killergoon, did you just really forget to add MOJO to that list?
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Burning GFX

I belive this is a discuasion about todays world map not one from 8-10 months ago.


I belive this is a discuasion about todays world map not one from 8-10 months ago.

You're about to confuse me. I always thought "had to be made" is in past tense, and from the context it seemed pretty clear that it is not specifically referring to things happened yesterday either, but way more than 8-10 months ago.

Maybe you can't follow your own logical jumps either?

(I also thought today's map had to be shaped [see, past tense!] by past actions... would come as a surprise if it turns out they are just randomly generated from some random seeds.)


A couple of questions for burning

1. Are you sure BOH has been the sole tribe battling the Western tribes since the beginning or might there have been 2 different families and random support battling the tribes in the West to begin with.

2. When this war began please remind me how much of a numerical superiority that the West had over the East or was it the Eastern groups that had a 20,000 village lead on the West?

3. "An Alliance that HAD TO BE MADE"???? This one I would like to know how you determine the part had to be made as I do believe that the only new alliance created since the war would have been between NP and 13th, becuase pretty much as best I can remember both BA and TAO were allied with NP and 13th but there had been no official agreement between NP and 13th.

Perhaps MM will be kind enough to elaborate on this for us if you have drawn a blank, Please kind sir I know you have been leader of BA for quite some time.


The western allied tribes alliances pre date any hostile motives towards the Wisdom family, to look at the present circumstances and say that the alliances sole function and formation was to band together to defeat the last remnants of Wisdom is not only incorrect but perplexing stupid.

DoP is the tribe that cemented the Western tribes alliances. Then STORM/Pixies/CHE!!/MOJO. Wisdom was a tribe we came very close to working with.. We were much more hostile towards the tribes listed than we were to Wisdom. Our relations broke down which forced us to re-evaluate our diplomacy with their family, and enemies are always good for the future. So Burning could not be more incorrect if he tried, if I understand his statement correctly about the Western Allies.

I do wish that we had arrived at a front with a fully active and united Wisdom family instead of the remains of the Brotherhood and HaV. They may have once been strong, but at the moment they are indeed a small tribe against five massive ones. I respect the ones that will stay for the coming defeat, and pity pretty much all of them.

My request is that you do not quit and give killergoon the easy and lame victory he was asking for and does not deserve.

lord bight 4

BoH leadership is intact. And we will stick around, thank you very much. Just the fact that you see the need to make this thread says enough. One small tribe against the entire world and you're begging us to leave. Priceless. Thanks for the morale boost ;)

BOH/BOK/HAV/WISDOM .....the name might have changed but the reality is that you are losers. You are fighting the world because that is what happens when you backstab people repeatedly. Your canoe is being paddled in an ever shrinking pond and eventually your sorry @sses will be stuck on dry land.....I do hear there are other worlds where you can start again because lets face it w17 has been an epic and I mean epic failure for your tribe. One small tribe rofl that made me chuckle...what you should be asking yourselves is why is it a small tribe when not in the too distant past you were a dominant and significant presence in w17. Now you are in all terms barbarian villages waiting to be cleared and nobled. Take your head out of the sand and look at the are tick tock ....done


1 thing thats a newer world so moral will be alot higher, also with the sort of size we are on about here having that many offensive villages while fighting these odds just wont work to have anough offense in this war for BoH would be like being a kamikaze pilot one big hit then bam dead or in this case left wide open for attack it wouldnt work.

So you just going to sit there and do nothing?:icon_rolleyes: You do know that nukes can be rebuild?:lol:


While BOH is fighting the rest of w17, w17 is fighting against RL.... and loosing. Thankyou Jeho for promising to stay to the end. We made a list of all opponents some time ago and posted it in our command center. Splitting and dismissing does not remove a player from the list. We will chase you to the southeast corner of K99.