Death Declares on Echo


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Finally someone else shows up the rest of the fodder was already worn out. And all it took was a little bait to draw them out.tenor (48).gif May not have been a true stat....yet....but it will.

I need a new pet to play with now that solidus is banned from externals
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Not particularly interested in talking to the Account formerly known as Genesis Commander just dropping the actual stats with the facts <3



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Join the rest of the fan club.

Just admiring how quick you were to jump in with something so purposefully wrong just to get one up on the scoreboard for death. Obviously cant do much in game so gotta take whatever small win you can I suppose.
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Oh wow. Just looked at the stats, what an sight shortfuse.

Did echo op us or did the gentely try and convince us to give up a few villages?:rolleyes:

2,7m oda, thats cute. Maybe echo isn’t in the troopbuilding buisness?

You ended up +3 vills only???? For talking so much shit the past few days i was expecting... alittle bit higher numbers.

At least i was right, Echo got nothin on us. Big surprise... Not.

Sucks to suck, right shortie, oh and nice waste of troops, noob.


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Well, from normal war this has become meme war. Not liking it at all.

Give us some reports, memes are just for kids, stop that nonsense ffs, and start a real war


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Sucks to suck, right shortie, oh and nice waste of troops, noob.
Clearly you're messed up haha .
We gathered more than 1:1 killed off to def ratio
That's beyond pathetic from your point of view the only ones wasting troops are you guys .
If you want to internal a player send his D to the Frontline and not attack with it :p