Event Guide Defenders Of The Inner Castle *Updated Guide (~800 SG per Run)*

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Figured I had to come back and update my guide.

I deleted the original guide and several others due to last Defenders Event becoming insanely OP (condensed into 4 days and triple the reward).

I figured since at least that change was reverted (and script withdrawn), it only makes sense that the community would need help on the event.

First things first.

1. No Healing

2. No Guard Revealing

3. Don't use scripts or bots. They will get you Banned

If you can't risk your own time doing it legitimately, I wouldn't suggest risking your time running a bot and throwing away all the time you've spent on a world. I've seen multiple bots for this event, and most are systematic/exhibit clear patterns and will be caught (TW might even ban you on last day just to rub it in your face).

In this event, I do a much different approach from most players (and even the old event script), and it usually works quite well.

Early Levels

For levels 1-3, you ALWAYS want to clear the first 2 middle rows if you see guards. You want to clear them before you meet any other guard as well. This limits your loss and if you are collecting the attack buffs early, 75% of the time you will be able to clear them while only taking 1 hit of damage.

Odds are if you receive a guard in the first two middle rows, you will MOST OFTEN have to fight a guard at some point in the level... If you wait too long, health amounts will increase (AND STACK UP) resulting in much more punishing levels.

If you fight early, you risk losing less HP (Especially on levels 1-3 when you have so much) that you will almost always easily beat the first few levels.


However, if you don't see guards in those mid levels (or already cleared them) continue just clicking square and collecting buffs until you see the door. If you DO NOT see the door, then of course fight guards.

Middle Levels

In middle levels, you should only fight a guard initially if it is within the FIRST MIDDLE SQUARE. This Middle square is extremely oppressive/rewarding and if there's a guard in it, that blocks 3 full door chances, and mostly the rest of the level.

If you click up 1 square and see that there's a guard, the best option is to fight it before you see 3+ guards and are forced to fight. By then if you wait too long, the HP stacking becomes too strong and you'd likely die had you taken the risk if you have to fight 2 or more guards.


After you've cleared that single middle option, best choice is to explore until you find the exit or are forced to fight guards. Most cases don't risk it if you have to rely on evading and can't even have a chance at killing the guards. Better to get a juicy evade boost for the next time you run the dungeon

Late Levels

Late levels are more about luck and completely evading the guards. The best strategy is NOT to even touch the middle path and just go along both sides until you're blocked by guards. Since you won't have enough HP/Attack to kill a very early middle guard you just want to avoid that path entirely until you're forced to do so as it'll give you the most chances to reach the end.

If you got really lucky up to level 12+ and still have lots of HP AND attack power, then maybe consider going middle and fighting a close guard, but it can surely be a risk if you don't have both of those factors in your favor.


Why do I suggest using middle path early/middle?

Although the previous script suggested the sides, if you're willing to fight the first (two) spaces, you open up so much room to find the door.

When fighting a guard in the middle, you open 3 guaranteed spaces.

When you defeat that guard, those 3 spaces then open up to 5 additional spaces. This is a maximum total of (8) spaces that couldn't be previously accessed had you not cleared this guard on a 5x5 grid, basically giving you a 8/24 chance of finding the door... If you refused to fight that guard while searching and the door is in one of those tiles, you'll likely have to fight that and probably 1-2 other guards since they also block off adjacent spaces.

In summary for event strategy.

Level 1-3
--> Go middle and fight guards if in first or 2nd square.

levels 4-8 --> Go middle and fight guards if in first square.

levels 9+ --> Use your own judgement. If low HP, start the sides first rather than middle path

ALL LEVELS --> Collect all visible buffs and click all green square before clearing a level...

As for purchases:

Best items are

1. Warehouse 10% (don't buy the 20% it is the same rate cost... Having lower % gives more flexibility)

2. Flag Doubler

3. Catapult Booster (niche but ice addition if heavy catapult fighting... Few like it but I am a heavy cat hitter so I love it.)

4. Nothing else

The Farm 10% item currently costs 17,000 Stolen Good which is equivalent to 30% warehouse. With a flag doubler 30% warehouse produces enough for 6 nobles. I would prefer 6 villages over 1 farm 10% Village.

My strategies average me 800 Stolen Goods per run WITHOUT spending any additional premium. You may get better/worse/same but it all depends on 1. How you play 2. Your luck

Having done 10,000+ levels of this event I've come up with what works BEST FOR ME. You might make small adjustments which may help/harm your run, but this is just a guide to the best of my ability to help those that aren't cheating on this event.


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I went a bit crazy and spent PP for healing lol. I did it for the science, that is not worth it. Follow the guide shared above.

The Guide

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An update I'd like to make is that in niche circumstances, healing is definitely WORTH IT.

Upon multiple tests, it seems that if you are guaranteed to pass a level past ~level 6, but NEED TO USE A HEAL IN ORDER TO DO SO, it is Worth it to do so.

On average, this heal can bring you upwards of ~1000 additional stolen goods had you not healed... making it completely worth it.


I had 57 health, so I would not have been able to clear this levels (likely unable to) but since I healed, I'm 99% guaranteed to clear this level.

Then due to averages/odds you're likely to clear this level & ~3 more which averages out to an additional 1000 stolen goods.

I would not use a 2nd 20 pp heal, but the first one when you are guaranteed to pass is worth it about 75% of the time.