defensive troops farming?


just wondering how was my answer wrong ? :S

Spears, are not really used for farming, but in the early part of the game they can be used massively.
They are always used for farming, as you say later, contradicting yourself, though you offer no reasoning and you conclude with a statement that goes against what you said.....

Spears carry more then swords and axes, so they can be used to plunder resources.
Got this right, as I said half right

But attacking with spear and using it as an offensive troop, is like I am good.
That sentence made 0 sense "is like im good"????
I am going to assume you meant it was a bad thing? Yes that section is also right

In conclusion, farming with spears can be effective later on in the game to if, you know that the village is cleared and has like no wall.
how did you come to that conclusion???? And Ugh no you dont need to have the wall at 0 especially not in late spear farming. Unless you do it wrong that is....

That is why it was a piss poor answer that was 1/2 right.
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in the early stages of a world people will happily farm anything with anything they can get their hands on :icon_neutral:
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This thread seems to be half opinionated answers, and the other half be better off saying:

:icon_confused: Hang on, I'm confused. What's a spear and why would it want to be a farmer?

It's all about preference. Personally, I even farm with axes if it speeds things up a bit. I never get myself too many spears, because I'm not a fan of them. In the beginning, if you put too much into spears just to lose them all because someone built a sword, it's just not worth it. I know it's going to effect growth if you take these kind of precautions, but at least I'll survive past the first round.


Spears serve thier purpose, wether you like them has nothing to do with it.


I just wana say. "DO YOUR MATH" lol

Spears are the #1 farming troops in the game! lol
Spears are better than LC.. (spears are just slower). So early in a game.. you might want more speed.. so you can hit more farmers quicker.. but over-all.. spears the #1 farming troops. lol