Demis of the LEGION

Discussion in 'World 33' started by Drunk in the morning, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    hmmm .

    eastpark a memory to you ?

    The villages we got from him alone kept us going pretty good. Its true you beat detox. Hellochase etc

    However, once it was four of us (me , dcon, dom , jack) , pretty much 90% of the south frontline in legion and you guys didnt break it too much . All stalemates.

    You can say we would have quit , and yes I was going to quit before that , but jack made me stay then told me he would get me out of the mess.

    It wasn't that we couldnt handle your attacks , but the comments I received from my tribe made it seem like just because some players gained more villages they were better players. Yet we were working our asses off with not enough help . Anyone who doesn't believe that just needs to take a look at the map from january 2010 , or when we left legion around the summer and joined hawks. Around about 2continents in the south were still legion owned , until they collapsed . This shows hawks were good players, secondly it shows how well we were doing to survive , thirdly that it really was pretty much four of us in the south. Then 3 after **** --> stands for jack the ***. Decided to leave us :p

    IF IFY had stayed the south would have been a stalemate and legion would have been winning in the north until they hit stiker/freak.

    We will never know though , but am happy to have a one on one with anyone on speed when times change :)
  2. 2Hot

    2Hot Guest

    What if...... TW allied legion just for the lulz!? Would HAWKS have hold both tribes off, or would that have truly marked the end of the great HAWK Empire?

    By allying, i mean after the south left legion and IFY quit, to make things fair.
  3. Sir NagsAlot

    Sir NagsAlot Guest

    If TW, Detox and LEGION were allies, then LEGION would win the world.
  4. no he didn't.

    agreed 100%. However I did include them in a somewhat oblique way.

    Poor army and blue have had to deal with alot of crap for the past year what with the E=MC merge into HAWKS but as all can see it payed off in the end and the bond between blue and army, and well basically whats lefts of E and HAWKS, is as strong as it is thanks to them. and to say anything less is not only a great disservice to the both of them but a slap in the face to all the long hours they put in.

    I don't know about that...while detox is a force to be reckoned with lets be honest here they're made up or what... 3 players :icon_razz:

    and lets be honest here TW are not known for the offensive prowress. love them to death and they do have good hell great players there but as a tribe not so much.

    Legion would have caught a break but to be honest it would have just stalled the inevitable because inactivity would have set in again and the spiral would begin again and then we end up where we are today. and then of course the tensions between Detox and LEGION we're not going to get any better...
  5. qooslunchbox

    qooslunchbox Guest

    Yeah easty does bring up memories. And yes you did gain plenty of villas from that account. I do stand corrected. I would like to add that it wasn't the real Easty it was cassimon which i said just before this happened would mess up and so be it it happened. At that stage atleast 3 Hawk members said damn this and we started nobling the account out without permission as to stop you flooding into our areas. But we made ground in k55 against Uhtred / Brett / beware / pie / simran and luckily for mines as he was next on my list you guys broke away.

    I would have to say if there was one guy i didnt want to fight it would be you, just didnt want to sit all that time and fight would have taken to damn long. Then You guys splitt and i was preparing myself to take on IFY he quits. So i got left with no real enemy worth fighting :D
  6. Sir NagsAlot

    Sir NagsAlot Guest

    LEGION would've won the world actually a long time ago. I know that they rose to the top extremely fast, and no one would've thought that they will hold the position for so long.

    I, as a Detox member, now apologize for the upcoming letter.

    So, I've been thinking about it for like 4 hours? I've been sitting here and reminiscing about the Old Times of TW. So, hereby I conclude some FACTS how LEGION would've won the world.

    1) Allying with TW and Detox. Well, the second part was merely true. Which I am proud of. I know that relations between those two tribes were not very good at the end, but Detox showed alot of promise. As well did TW. It was the time when HAWKS were ready for a gruelling war. They won some wars in their K-s which was not decisive at all. I, personally would've NEVER thought that HAWKS would win W33. So, summary about the 1st fact, allies with Detox and TW would've brought a win to LEGION.

    2) Take out HAWKS in early stage. I can't blame anyone that this wasn't done. If LEGION would've take out HAWKS at the beginning, there would've been NO resistance.

    3) Take out Detox and TW ( I hereby apologize ). If LEGION, Detox and TW would've taken HAWKS out, LEGION would break their alliances with Detox and TW. It would be a hard fight, but not impossible.

    These are just a few scenarios about "What would've happend".

  7. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    As I said you guys did win the war.

    You made plenty of guys quit.

    I was sad when uhtred quit , he was the only one unrelated to being made quit by you possibly brett.

    Then again there is half a dozen other players you guys made quit , and I cant remember their names . Just saw they were barbarian when I woke up the next day :icon_biggrin:.

    Yh thats a nice honor to hear mate, I am a stubborn guy :) . Would have been up most of the night defending against any attacks if that had happened. Would have been an angry guy in the morning. As many legion players encountered :lol: .

    Pleasure goes to Nick , for looking after me for so long !

    Only thing I need to improve my game is by not being so lazy late game. Timing attacks etc. I'm sure theres the summer for that though :)

    If I was given two players I would like to have avoided it would have been your account and the freak account in hawks and pimpjam and IFY account in legion.

    Plus, Legion could have won this while fighting all 3 , just morale killed them in the end and they fell like dominoes. You forget a few of the hawks players had been through this before though , most of legion this was there first world. They just have to learn from it and adjust :)
  8. You hear that stiker he wouldn't have avoided you?!?!?! :lol:
  9. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    Far too many 'would've's. I'm not arguing with you at all. I'm stating that anything is possible and things could have gone any way at any point in the game for any tribe if you simply base it all on a 'would've'. It is a pointless exercise.

    DDRMAAX Guest

    Plain and simple - The highest chance Legion had at winning this world was when Hawks were fighting both E and Detox .. If they joined in (sure it would've been long distance fighting) it would've exhausted Hawks (Even the most skilled tribe would over time) pretty badly. Instead, what do they do? Sit there nobling barbs in their own territory for months :lol:
  11. Sir NagsAlot

    Sir NagsAlot Guest

    Are you stupid?



    Can't you see the end line? Those were the SCENARIOS WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPEND if LEGION acted right. Need to explain more?
  12. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    Stupidity, when nothing in your post intimated it was in jest? In fact, it leaned strongly towards being serious when you not only post it in a straightforward manner but also add in your apology to your fellow Detox tribesmen for your words that make so many allowances for Legion.
  13. qooslunchbox

    qooslunchbox Guest

    1. Firstly i dont think TW would ever have broken their allaince to us. As far as i know the Hawks/TW allaince is the oldest standing allaince in this world and has never been close to breaking. Secondly we won E be it so that we forced them to merge. Also would like to add when we took them on they were the biggest tribe in the world.

    2. We should have taken out legion at early stage aswell as E and detox and we could have won this world in 80 days. Your scenario here is just plain FUCKING stupid.

    3. I would agree with you here they would break their alliance or wait maybe the others would break it first because legion didnt help in the war effort. Even so legion would loose because they so no effort in anything.
  14. stiker de grey

    stiker de grey Well-Known Member

    Dec 2, 2010
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    I am always underestimated GA....
  15. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Hehe . Stiker has always been too far away from me(pherion distance). When I talk frontline , I generally talk players generally near me :p .

    If anyone asks , I was the one who moved near stiker (into k43 :) ) .

    Of course , stiker would have been a nice one too avoid. I based my opinion on players I had generally played against or with . Stiker until recently was neither.

    I still believe he has no troops though since his ODA score is so high :)
  16. stiker de grey

    stiker de grey Well-Known Member

    Dec 2, 2010
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    nope, no troops at all

    and actually, I moved to you 1st I believe... had villages on the k64/65 border for a long time now ;)
  17. Sir NagsAlot

    Sir NagsAlot Guest

    Lmao, former HAWKS member failed... trollzzz alot.
  18. qooslunchbox

    qooslunchbox Guest

    @ NagsAlot: Yeah mate i pretty much think you have no idea what is happening in this world. If you really played it you would by now have know under which account i play, ......

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  19. you know...since your paving the way for many 1st's an interesting one would be to have one village in every K. :icon_razz:
  20. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    I have aload of continents in the south :D