Discussion: Attack of the Horde event


The enemy is at your doorsteps! The barbarian hordes rallied up and marched against your kingdom.

You are vastly outnumbered so use your wits and finesse to break their siege!

Dear players,

Welcome to the new "Attack of the Horde" event! Barbarian hordes are besieging your capital. Use your elite troops and counter-attack and break the siege.

The event will start on 22.03.2017 at 14:00 o'clock and end on 27.03.2017 at 14:00 o'clock.

The Siege
Your task is to break through a siege by attacking the five strategic weak-spots in the hostile army. To successfully break trough you have to try out which unit can break through which spot.

But to make it more challenging the spots are set up randomly for each round and player. So every participant has his/her own solution. After each attempt you get an overview about the result of the attack, helping you to break the lines.

The Battle
For each of the five slots in the hostile army you have to choose one of seven units. After a unit is chosen for each slot you can try to break the siege by sending an attack with your selected units. The siege is broken if all units in the attack are successful.

The time you have to break the siege is limited by eight hours. A timer shows you how much time is left and how many additional attacks you would be able to send in the remaining time. Each attacks takes 45 minutes to complete. After the timer runs out a new battle will start, until the event ends. If you break a siege earlier you can decide to start a new siege for premium points. But you only have what remains from the current round's eight hours to win the additional battle. After the timer runs out the battle and timer will be reset. If you are running out of time or need help you can scout the enemy troops for premium points to see which unit will be required.

If a unit was successful is indicated by three colors:

  • Green: A successful attack. The correct unit was chosen for this spot. You will be unable to choose another unit for this spot.
  • Yellow: The unit is able to break through in at least one of the remaining spots, but the one chosen was wrong. It's important to know that the same unit can be required for multiple spots or even none at all.
    With this result you do not know in which or how many spots the unit might be needed for. Unless you can derive that information from the other results.
  • Red: The unit is not able to break any spot in the current battle. The unit will be grayed out for the rest of this battle.
The attack history at the bottom of the screen will give you a detailed overview on your attacks during this battle to help you find the right combination.

At the end of the battle (by either solving it or the timer running out) you will receive 150 Guidons for every spot that was solved correctly and additional 200 Guidons if all spots were successfully breached. Guidons can be spend in the event shop for rewards.

When a new battleground starts the spots for all players are reset and a new and random combination of units is required to break the next siege.

After the event ends the event shop will remain open for 24h. After that the event and any leftover event currency will be removed.

We hope you enjoy our new event!

Your Tribal Wars Team


Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the feedback :)
I would like to thank you for the Diamond Mine event. It combined strategy and thought with and event which is very interesting.

I didn't personally do the barbarian horde event but I look forward to it.