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    During your daily stroll through the market you notice a merchant asking for help. He wants to travel through a dangerous stretch of land filled with raiders and is in dire need of some guards. You offer some of you men and your help is gladly accepted. This journey will surely not be an easy one, but you and your men are well prepared for the dangers ahead! If you defeat the attackers the merchant promises he will leave the raider's treasures to you. They surely piled up quite a fortune by robbing less fortunate merchants along the road. As you wont be able to carry much with you, the merchant, luckily being is a very good locksmith, offers his help in unlocking any chest you will find. You shake hands, gather your men and soon head off into the countryside.


    Dear players,

    welcome to our new event called "The Traveling Merchant". In this event you assist a traveling merchant, protecting him from raiders and robbers lurking along the way.

    The event will start on the 28th of November at 15:00 and runs for 4 days, ending on the 2nd of December.

    We wish you all a safe journey!

    Your Tribal Wars team

    Defeating the raiders
    During this event you have to defend a merchant by battling incoming groups of raiders with your guards. Your guards always consists of five single units. They are the same in each encounter and have the same offensive and defensive values. The raiders' group is randomly chosen from a pool with a varying amount of units with different offensive and defensive values.


    Each unit has an offense (icon on the lower left of the unit) and a defense (icon on the lower right of the unit) value which determines the amount of damage they do and how many hits they can take before being knocked out. At the bottom of the screen you can find a bar displaying the order in which the units will attack. A unit is knocked out when the defense value drops to zero. The active unit is displayed by having a bigger icon. To attack a unit, simply click on it. An arrow will show you which unit was attacked and a number will display the damage it took.


    Opening chests
    When all the raiders' units are defeated you will be rewarded with a chest. These reward chests can be opened over time (only one at the same time) and will grant you an item. As you are traveling along the merchant your storage is limited, which means you can only have a maximum of three chests with you at any given time. While you can encounter more raiders if you continue to travel, you wont be able to take any more chests with you if you already have three chests.

    The chests you can find differ in rarity. This means that the bigger chests contain a more valuable item, but due to them having more sturdy locks, it also takes longer to unlock them. To unlock or open a chest, simply click on it. This will also show you the possible content of that chest. When the event ends you cannot start a new encounter or solve the current one anymore. All chests are removed from the event, including the chests ready to be opened.


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    If I wanted to pay premium points in order to gain more/better items from this event, how would I do it?
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