Discussion: The Traveling Merchant Event


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This event is probably the worst out of all of them in my opinion.

The enemies are way too hard, all rewards except the milestone ones are random and the milestone rewards are OPPRESSIVELY difficult to obtain.

I played as much as I could and I'm a pretty active player, and I still had to give up on the final item.
From the second to last to the last milestone, I probably did hundreds of battles and I just couldn't reach it. I ended up giving up eventually.
For every win you can expect at least 3 losses.
Battles are completely dependent on luck.
If the enemy gets several turns before you do then you're probably gonna lose, if you get several turns before the enemy, you might win. But even then only if the enemy decides to LET you win.
By which I mean, even if all your troops get to act first if the enemy focuses your heavy hitters you're still going to lose.
The enemy can pretty much always one shot your two hardest hitters and when they go down you might as well pack it in.

Really not a fan.