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Discussion in 'Newsletters and community feedback' started by Morthy, May 12, 2017.

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  1. Morthy

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    Dear players,

    today we would like to present our latest feature, the "Tribe Skills". With this feature joining a tribe and remaining within it's ranks will grant you benefits to help you in the wars ahead.

    This first iteration will grant you "Prestige" every week after joining a tribe. Prestige can be used to boost your villages and/or troops, or can be donated to the tribe to unlock even more bonuses and make the current ones more powerful.

    We hope you enjoy the new feature and we are looking forward to your feedback!

    The Tribal Wars Team

    Tribe Skills
    To get a quick overview on the feature we have created a quick overview video, explaining the most important aspects of the Tribe Skills:

    Prestige is the currency used to activate the skills or can be donated to increase the level of the tribe. Currently you can get prestige every week. The amount you get depends on the time you have been a member of the tribe. Long time members will have more weekly prestige to spend than newcomers. Prestige can be accumulated and saved for a later date but upon leaving the tribe the saved prestige will be lost.

    Currently there are seven skills to choose from. Each gives a bonus to a specific aspect of the game and can be activated in return for some prestige points. The skills are unlocked by reaching a specific tribe level and their power increases with the tribe level. Each tribe member can freely choose which of the available skills they want to activate for their own villages. The skills are active instantly and shown on the right hand side of the menu. A timer and a progress bar shows you how long the currently active skills will remain so. The following table gives you an overview on the skills, their effects and costs.


    Tribe Level
    The tribe level dictates which skills are unlocked for the members as well as the power of the unlocked skills. To increase the level tribe members will need to donate some of their prestige to the tribe to increase the tribe's experience points (XP). When reaching the necessary amount of XP the tribe level will increase.

    While a tribe can never have less than zero XP, tribes can loose some XP when kicking players. The amount of XP a tribe looses depends on how long the player has been a member of the tribe and the amount of members the tribe currently has. If a tribe looses a level by kicking members the previously unlocked skills will be locked until the requirement is reached again. Players leaving a tribe will not deduct any XP from the tribe. Kicking inactive players will also not deduct any tribe prestige. The amount of XP lost for kicking a player will be shown in a tool-tip.


    We hope you enjoy the new feature and we are looking forward to your feedback!

    The Tribal Wars Team
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  2. ozzzxo

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    I am thinking how kicking members will reduce xp depending on how long the player's been there might be abused by people become less afraid of being kicked if they are long-time members and reach a state of not caring or intentionally taking advantage of things, Who knows. Interesting... concept? Will need to play it out and see..
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    Your post in both the Announcements and here has errors - the "overview video" is not actually included in the post, and the screen grab attachment under "Skills" returns a "you don't have permission" error when you try to open it.
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  4. the nemesis123

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    How many nails can they put in one coffin? Let us die peacefully please.
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  5. Superbad.

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    These settings look very tempting. Will see how it plays out, may join this one later on.
  6. Lyon.

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    AWFUL! i mean come on, let us play tribal wars and not worry about these paladin skills, tribe skills, everything about skills just not playing skills, right?
    i just hope you can somehow get XP with PP. so 1 tribe will have lvl 20 after 15 minutes. but whatever man, i dont even plan to come back playing serious not with this features. i guess thank you for that :p
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  7. Cool.

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    There needs to be some way to monitor who and when donates prestige, who's earned prestige etc.. So many players with self agendas now it's unreal, there'll be those typical greedy guys who who won't donate a thing and let their tribe mates level the prestige and then use the buffs as and when, pffft.