Divorce...we are doing it right!!!


I haven't played socom in like three weeks, there was some big debacle about me being a cheater or something because I kept taking out three people in one game with a single shot.

>.> Yeah, little kids have ways of ruining reputations like that when they get jealous, it's not that hard to A) Spawn B) Run to the cliff C) aim, shoot and own three doods that are too busy touching themselves to play lol

pff, noobs, happens in every game, happens to me on live sometimes :(

American children hate losing!


I do not remember anything what your describing with Prime? When Hefty formed his tribe few players left but all of those had only been in the tribe for few days. So please exactly WHAT TIME are you referring too? Since I have no idea when you last played?

i dunno, a couple of months.


Same with von Deather

when i sat the von Deather account, i redesigned all the nukes to have catapults in them. the new owner simply used it. in case the noobalition members do not know....i was the war planner and i instructed prime members to hit the smithy and farms with catapults.