DK says hello!


Hey everyone! It's been quite some time since I have been anywhere near these forums or this game and I have lost contact with basically everyone. That's how life goes I suppose.

Anywho, I was sitting in my chair when nostalgia and wonder suddenly hit me. I began to wonder what had happened to all the countless posters I had the pleasure to interact with over the years. Thus, I decided to see if I remembered my password and come make a thread.

Long story short, how is everyone? Who is still here? What's new in your life's?

God I miss everyone from the old days.



Oh hey JawJaw! How are you liking admin duties now that you have a bit of time on the job under your belt?


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Ohhai short angry man with beard and axe. :eek:


Hi DK!

I was active here about a decade ago as well. Went by the username The-Dwarf (can't remember login). I just returned to the game a few days ago. When I was looking through my old account the other day I saw that I was apparently third-in-command in your dwarven army.

I'm sorry to see that the forum has become so quiet. It used to be a lively place and a great community. My time spent with people here meant a lot to me.