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Discussion in 'World 30' started by grummit, Dec 2, 2009.

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    I'd agree if you misunderstood those posts and/or ignored the rest of what I wrote. I had noticed you were misunderstanding me earlier, and that's why I posted this* to clarify.

    The point was that I agreed with you to an extent.

    Essentially, we agree that the remaining players deserve respect, but I believe it should not end there. I agree that BD were only giving respect to the actives of the tribe at that moment (not to the few lazy ones that didn't participate in the op), but that is because that incarnation was the one they were dealing with at the time (with that single op). However, it didn't start there. They have given respect to the tribe as a whole since the start of this war, through all the ops; and the actives are the remaining heart and soul of the incarnation of Tardis that started this war, not the few lazy ones, which were around during that "original" incarnation as well. I was also agreeing with you from the start that Tardis didn't have long to go.

    Suffice it to say, the fault is my own for not better expressing myself from the outset, but for those interested, this should serve to clearly express my views of Tardis as a tribe.

    *Note: In this post I claimed Wes had left, this was an error, he is still playing.
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    As I said, we'll leave it as a miscomunication or misuderstanding on my part, don't want to derail the thread.....
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    Congratulations on taking the top spot BD! :icon_razz: