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I am sure you do. Everyone likes drama. Also, Leia is Luke's sister and (plot twist) the guy in the black suit and heavy breath is their father. That is drama. You love it. I know you do.

Our ultra-secret, widely advertised tribe is getting into shape. If you still want to join the world and need a trustwhorty, hyper-active team, please give me a PM. This is not a most serious project. We actually (and I am very serious) have no great plan for this W80. First, we get together and then, we see what we can do. If you have any doubts, remeber Sun-Tzu's teachings: „Any miserable fool can found a tribe. But not anyone can improvise one.”

The only thing I can guarantee is a fun experience, an active forum, a fair leadership and equal chances for all the villages that will join. Well, at least this is what they make me say. Sneaky overlord-like basterds.

Of course, we have an original core of players but most of them are drunkards and unreliable and will not really last...

PS: Limited offer! PM me before tomorrow at 18:00 and you get a customized welcome message together with the right to post on the forums.

PPS: Good luck to all fellow map-colleagues! May the widest pockets and the best coffee win!
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Hah you read right through me! I love tribal wars tribe politics :p ps I hope to see and play with you on the fields ! xxxDDDD


Yep caught out lolololoo. Also bilbo vs frodo? Frodo. Especially in the movies bilbo is so unimportant and stupid.



3h and 30 min, for the drama, are you redyyyy llamas ?????


yea tw has increased in drama due to players crying wolf, and the amount of back door deals, and spying.

Loose Lips Sink Ships!