Does the academy reset coins required?


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Hi all,
Quick question: if i need 10 coins to create a noble new noble and then build a new academy, doesn’t the noble still need 10 coins, or does it need 1 coin?
Cheers ;)


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Building academies does not ever reduce the cost of noblemen - they will have the same price no matter how many academies you control.

There is one situation something like what you have described, however, which is that when playing a world which uses the packages system to build noblemen (currently, this would be World 114 or the current High Performance round), you can rebuild noblemen killed attacking a village for just a single package. Therefore, on a package world, there is a situation where by rebuilding an academy that had been demolished, you could gain the ability to build a noble for just a single package. However, this would not actually reduce the cost of the nobleman - it always cost just a single package - you are just regaining the ability to build it.
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