DOTT, The Death March Begins.

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Interesting war, just from the opinion of a bystander.

I was watching this world via the maps kind of infrequently and noticed DOTTs positioning relative to China. Generally the way of the world is that core tribes will crumble to tribes starting behind them on the rim. Little space to expand without full scale wars, getting pounded from multiple fronts, no safe backline, and generally strong premades will pop up on the rim because they dont want to be in the core (for these reasons). So, seeing China's seemingly advantageous position I just assumed DOTT or DM would meet the same end. But interesting how things panned out--DOTT winning the war and expanding into the K next to them. So now we see a core tribe taking the #1 spot with an early war, which is something that doesn't usually happen. Not being on the world myself, I don't know any of the players in any of these tribes Ive mentioned so that could very well play a part depending on who is where... but I am interested to see how things pan out here.

Well done!


Sadly to see Trident nobled and DM mostly destroyed. Was is good fight tho?

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Everything about this game and forum is heartbreaking to read and think about, that said props to DOTT for winning the war and it's good to still see some well written pieces on the externals.