Dracula stats


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RAM will never fire on all cylinders because they are too soft on dead weights.
Seems same case with another big tribe I know :lol:

At least there are 4-5 nozzles that still work there :icon_cool:

watch your mouth or it wont be just your frontline you will need to be worrying about, I arranged your NAP with CH~ST for your benefit not just ours any more snide comments and it goes.
LOL. EDS you are making an impression now...

I enjoy you threatening RAM. Keep up the good work! Maybe you will impress the -usual- girls of the game... You know. The ones in the NorthWest :lol:

Sometimes I do wonder where MW is nowadays... I kinda miss him. (I do not miss the Shrimp in case you all want to know :lol:)


I passed Apoc a frontline sit in the past 48 hours. He didn't seem to have a problem with taking it...
Can you let me know which one ? Last time I played against Apoc, I really enjoyed the (one-sided) exchange of villages :).


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Last time I played against Apoc, I really enjoyed the (one-sided) exchange of villages :).
Snafu for president !

(now you have to admit, I did not go for that world famous nickname of yours :lol:)


Are you referring to the 'sex god' nick name? I swear, girls get too carried away sometimes.


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Nooot really.... :icon_rolleyes:

Phoenx [Phoenix]
Points: 232.894.410, Rank: 3, Members: 25
Total points: 232.894.410, Avg points: 9.315.776
Villages: 23.730, Avg points/village: 9.814
ODA: 2.367.241.781, Rank: 2, ODD:, Rank: 2
Conquered: +376, -26 (last week)
Last week's increase (individual members combined):points: 3.348.319 (1%)
ODA: 64.753.100 (2%, 28% ODA/points)
ODD: 53.070.444 (2%, 23% ODD/points)

376 taken <<<< ---- 200 (sex God)
375 enemy
24 loses