Drama what have you been doing?

Discussion in 'World 53' started by Pleasantly Agonized, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. Map looks the same it did when I left months ago, I mean banned excuse me.
  2. Strange considering we've taken 4,073 villages in October and 1,699 villages so far this month according to tw stats.
  3. greenmonsta

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    Feb 27, 2007
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    Looks like they have spent most of their time nobling themselves to be honest, I check back every now and again to no new changes.
  4. muncius

    muncius Guest

    I don't know what kind of changes you are expecting guys. World is in a phase where you don't see much changes happening on map like tribes disbanding or recruitment of players, no real wars left.

    Drama!'s activity level dropped significantly after last wars, you can't expect people to be as much excited & active nobling nubs as fighting a war. Remaining tribes like WE/BA-I just sit there nobling their own inactives & barbs while their players get's nobled. (except for only one remaining active player Alf Hucker)

    I can't remember when you PA, umm departed from W53, but you did left work to some people to clean up your villies :icon_razz:

    P.S. In last 3 months Drama! nobled ~12K villages and if my math is correct non-Drama! players own ~14K villages, so give us another few months until you see some changes :)
  5. Rednecks

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    We have been mainly drinking and partying. We will fire a noble once in a while when we feel like it.
  6. shambolla2

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    Pleasantly Agonized 2011-05-02 05:11 date of deletion




    please before open your mouth check info.
  7. Rednecks

    Rednecks Guest

    Spent a bunch of time going after all the nubs who were eating on all those barbs you left for us.
  8. Rypsterbull

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    Nov 13, 2007
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    I find it funny to see the heated comments. I think pleasantly made a fairly good point. But I can understand the drop of activity also. Just a boring world for you guys atm.
  9. Hey sweetheart I hopped on another account that raped everything in existence the Drama people know what I'm talking about so yeah do some research before you open your mouth

    LOL I had naughty scripts and you ran me into the ground.

    People get real mad over teh interwebz Ryp babe.
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  10. Lord Teradin

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    Ello sexy :lol:
  11. Feel My Fire

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    I swear sometimes you could think your female or just very very generous in compliments :D hahaha
  12. The Cracker

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    Yo Sham, in those maps who is the green?
    im sure my account was in there somewhere lol cant remember..
  13. Lord Teradin

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    That's BA-I dude, You were'nt anywhere near there :p (Now it is though) Alf Hucker went barb yesterday after a ban - won't explain due to rules obviously lol.
    I'm on your account now dude. 15 Purple Rhino Drama! 9.357.200 968 9667

    Hit me up on skype soon

    good to see your see about

    edit:- just remembered the 1st map posted by sham, Yea that was roughly where you were. That was Uruz at the time. We recruited raven and killed the rest :icon_cool:
  14. narutocrazy

    narutocrazy Guest

    liez, we recruited them all.
  15. HEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BABES!!!!!!! I have a mic too btw but I'm on skype lately as often as Sanchez is able to leave Canada.

    LOL I'm quite flirty
  16. mzare

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    hey sham (bro),
    leave these noobs alone. they like to talk with us and feel that are not noob. but it's self-lying
  17. mzare

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    our secret conversation: "but honestly we don't have fun without these noobs too. let's keep them busy with toys"
  18. Feel My Fire

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    I'm feeling the love.