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There's a similar thread in W91 so I thought I would ask here. Pick 10-15 players currently playing W90 and make up your personal dream team based on this world that could do good things if placed together in a tribe. Give reason why if you want :)

the nemesis123

Hmmm it is old, perhaps a new one can be done. I'll think a bit about this and get back to it.


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You ruin all the fun :D Of course we love our current tribes. I could say Infamy but thats not the point is it?

Let's nominate from all players excepy members of our current tribes . It would be to difficult to pick only 15 without hurting some players that deserve it to.
I'll work on my list soon.


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Hybrid Soul - The most complete duke I had the pleasure playing under. I have never seen anyone having so much respect from his tribe mates. ( I am still hoping Hybrid will make a come back one day)

The Nemesis - I have heard so much about him leading skills and dedication that I would like to have him in the leadership. If Tribal Wars won't die before W100 we might have a chance playing in one tribe.

Javanshir - Another great leader, op planner and a very skilled player who also usually have a great presence on externals.

Prometheus (Dan) - Another great leader, if only he had the time he would make the leadership squad complete.

Undead Billy Mays - Great personality, not many people can make PnP's better than him.

Waternloo1815 (Dan) - Such a positive fellow, always there to support you and make you laugh.

Mr Cringer Pants (Noz) - If you want to tickle someone on the externals send Noz and he will do the job :)

Rickyson - Killing machine, the most competitive guy I've ever met, great loyal companion if on your side.

Killer Willard - Great skilled soldier, amazing farmer and a good bloke

MintyFresh (Paul) - One of the nicest most loyal guys out there with amazing timings, great patience and good advice.

FamousInferno - A complete player with a friendly personality always ready to sacrifice for the tribe.

Arabella - I've heard so much about Ara, very respectful, loyal and skilled would love to have her in the team.

DreadDoctors - Whenever Dread is playing he is into great things. W86 he out survived everyone from Faux, respect for that.

King Banana - Fredrik has done great so far not only leading BiP but also building a strong account.

Leah Volga - Oh Leah, give her the time and she can do amazing things.

There are so many other players that deserve to be here, but the limit have been set on 15.


the nemesis123

I'll do it similarly to above. I'll do it in order of tribes. If I've missed people, it's probably more because I am doing it based off accounts and not individual people and then I may not know what account you are playing etc.:


1. King Banana - In my opinion, probably one of the two best frontliners BiP have with another which I will mention earlier. I think he's done a better job relatively than TreX in leading overall, but I'll give the leading reins to someone else. It is good to see a group from another server do well in .net and whether you cite money or hidden skill, King Banana has plenty to do with it.

2. Majestee - Probably BiP's best performing frontliner this war, there is not much more reason to put them in than this. I don't know them personally though so there is a downside as they may well not work well with the team.

3. Nwaro - Has a great reputation that is backed by ingame results. I don't think he was the best player in -ND- in W73, but one of the best. Need individual players who are always going to be a threat on their own and command respect from the enemy as well. This is where Nwaro really comes in more than anything else. It certainly helps that he has links to some of the people I'd want from Infamy, making a potential super tribe easier.

4. F.K.A - Whether it is through $$$ or through defensive ability, I can respect holding on (albeit from a better position) where hardnutz and kingsilva and some TEA players now have failed to and coming out positive. It was common in the old days given the ODD, but it is rare nowadays with the commitment of most people. Myths of walls being automatically PPed to 20 between nukes and monster buffs emanate from this account.

5. Seven Devils - I wanted to add someone from 2Hard but struggled to do so. The best of the lot is most likely Seven Devils. Has done some work in past wars, will see what is the future for this account. I would question how they fit into the team, but then again I'll be doing this a lot down the line as I picked a somewhat risky lineup and just hope it all fits together.


6. TreX - I think probably one of the best TEA players at least mechanically and willing to sit which is always a plus in my book. I'd probably have him as a player rather than a leader, the real question is more how committed and able to stay out of trouble they are. Some of my TEA picks are a bit like that in terms of they have personalities on them.

7. Multiple Wargasms - I think as said by Novembre, no reason to doubt she is amongst the top in TEA. Not much more to say here other than a solid addition. I'd probably pick sweetmisery too if I was to have a sixteenth pick, but I'm not sure what she is doing this world tbqh and I won't pick a name just for being a name.

8. Black Princess - An out there pick, but as I've said above I value sitting a lot. Asides from TreX, there are probably three main sitters in TEA of which I've chosen Black Princess. Not so sure about the individual skill, but that can always be changed. Always good to have another girl in the tribe as well, though similar to TreX I will have hope they do more good than harm in my dream team in terms of synergy.

9. Nathan Potter - TreX needs someone to flirt with. My original thought was of Al, although I wouldn't consider him amongst the best of TEA given his effort currently, his videos can be funny and help tribal morale. Al does have his charms :). That said, Nathan Potter is like Al if he wasn't Irish and didn't do vlogs and could actually plan Ops. I expect him to step up more in future and I'm sure TreX won't notice.


10. War-Peace - Have had a few chats with this player. Seems to have their head on straight and from a group that did well in the past. Even though I agree that Infamy takes things safe, I think smart play is what tribes need nowadays and they have managed to get a tribe that was previously in a bad position (with a bit of help from Bill) into a kingpin one at least for now. I'd have War-Peace and L0V3R5 lead my crew and if I didn't like them, I'd replace them with Gay Land Pirate.

11. Mezonis - Similar case to Nwaro really where past world reputation as a bit of a fighter and dangerous opponent precedes him. I've not seen enough from him this world to really say that this is 100% the right pick, but I am looking forward to seeing that potential to be brought out more.

12. L0V3R5 - I'll continue on with what I said with War-Peace. I should add that both accounts are also very good individually which is a plus. My main worry with the leadership is that it may be a bit too individualist for my liking where you rely more on the individual skill of your best guys, which is a style that I recognise exists but don't really rate quite as highly as a more teamwork oriented style cross the entire tribe.

13. Gay Land Pirate - Bill's reputation as a leader precedes him, the real question is whether there is enough girls in this tribe for him to perform at his maximum potential. Either ways, he's there for the diplo, macro stuff and to stop War-Peace and L0V3R5 from messing up. Also I've heard there are a bunch of Golden players on there which is probably not a bad thing at all.

14. One Last Goodbye - Never played with either Novembre or Faux Legend. The reputation does precede them again and another good possibility for leading as well as some quality PnP and analysis which every tribe I think needs. No doubt a solid addition of two players who clearly have their head screwed on the right way.


15. The Master - I was going to try and get someone from the W A R family or a smaller tribe here or perhaps Tudadar. It just wasn't happening unfortunately. From the stats I've seen, has done a good job, far better than anyone else in P-W in clearing up the rim tribes and I'd like to see them on a bigger stage. There are probably two or three more players from P-W I could shout out, but I'll leave it at that. This 15th pick is more of a wild card than anything.


8. Black Princess - An out there pick, but as I've said above I value sitting a lot. Asides from TreX, there are probably three main sitters in TEA of which I've chosen Black Princess. Not so sure about the individual skill, but that can always be changed. Always good to have another girl in the tribe as well, though similar to TreX I will have hope they do more good than harm in my dream team in terms of synergy.

We on BP are toxic, but active. We will do your dream team proud.

the nemesis123

Yeah, the drama is annoying, but if I was worried about drama I would have never picked you.

I should say that I did try to get an equal distribution of people from multiple tribes so it is not my purest of dream teams.
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