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A long time ago skatecram and I created this tool. My main question is if that is allowed.

It interacts with the game by opening tabs that have the destiation and source pre filled.

Would it be allowed to also fill in the troops? ( using the URL parameters? )
Would it be allowed if I open more than one tab at a time (let's say 20 to 100?)

As far as I can see this approved skript does already all that thus it should be ok? https://forum.tribalwars.net/index.php?threads/mass-command-timer.286017/


I know that this is a tool, but I sent it in as a script because it interacts with the game. If I should have used another way please let me know


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Hello @MKich ,

From what I was able to test the functionalities of this tool it does interact with the game on the rally point by filling the coordinate of the destination village. If you set the tool also to fill the troop amounts, that is allowed too, the tool would also fill the unit amounts on the rally points screen too.

When it comes to opening multiple tabs at once, yes that is okay but set the tabs to open with a delay of 200ms. I would not recommend having the tool open 100 tabs at once, it could break the browser. I would recommend having a maximum of 20-25 tabs to be opened. Sometimes when you open a lot of tabs too fast the browser freezes, the same thing happens when you open a lot of tabs.

Since this is an external tool will move this thread to the specific forum.


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ok thanks for the clarifications
yeah I know that about the delay. 200ms is only enough if you have a good internet connection 500ms is a better choice.
I will probably let the user input both values

Thanks for moving into the correct forum