Confirmed Duplication bug

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Major Bug (gameplay heavily affected)
Bug Type
Functional bug
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Bug Reproduction Steps
1. Attack someone with any unit (in my example, heaviest is ram)
2. Have that person backtime you with that same unit (as any backtime comes back at ms 000, if you attack someone and your attack lands at 550 ms they can try to send an attack before, for example at 170 ms, and it will still backtime your attack as it will arrive back in your village at 000ms, same unit backtime)
3. You will clear the enemy troops with your attack, however, they will still be able to attack you back, making it so that, in practice, troops are doubled and you have to both clear them as attacker and as defender (major disadvantage)
4. Enemy will end up with negative troops, however much the doubled amount was.

Doesn't necessarily have to be necessarily from a backtime, as this has happened before to me just from a dodge at the same second (in earlier ms than the attack that is arriving). Its a bug clearly directly related to doing actions in the same sec as an inc, but in earlier ms.
Bug Reproducibility
Happens randomly
I came across this bug, once again.
I believe I reported it once before but I think I wasn't clear enough in the steps. I think i did a better job with that now.

I was streaming this, so you can find the vod here:

01:07:40 - I send the attack to my enemy
01:08:50 - My enemy same unit backtimes me, while i also cleared all of the troops he had at home (you can see that later as I also show a spy report)
01:10:05 - You can see the final backtime report, he attacked me with exactly the same amount of troops he had at home (doubled them)
01:11:40 - Here you can see the final outcome of that mess, he ended up having a negative amount of units

I hope this age old bug can be fixed soon!
Thank you
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The video was unavailable because of twitch's time limit on saving VODs, so now i've updated the link to the youtube video from it, the timings still stand.

duck that quacks

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Same bug different perspective - 1:35:24 - perspective of the guy who is lucky enough to reproduce the glitch and duplicate his troops

Still a very alive bug and has been for a while but it obviously has no major impact in the game right lol (he would've lost the fight if not for this)