Dutch player wants to be co



As I returned to TW as per some days ago (was inactive on the forums as you can see) after being inactive for a period of six months I play on two Dutch worlds again, in the meantime I also would like to return back into a squad of active TW players.

A year ago or so I have been part of such a co-account team for 8 weeks, after this I resigned from the group as I got busy with real life things, and thankfully somebody else could replace me. (Indeed, thankfully. Although it was a pity I had to stop, I was glad to see that the group was able to continue)

I am obviously familiair with game mechanics and with tricks such as, but not limited to, backtiming, sniping, timing (noble) attacks, etcetera.

I am from The Netherlands, I am 16 years old and I am pretty well at the English language. Obviously some flaws every now and then, but nobody is perfect!

I have Skype and a microphone to operate it, but I prefer not to mention my Skype in this public message. If you have any question about me, or anything I wrote in here is not clear enough to you, don't hestiate to send me a PM or reply in this thread.

* I am searching for an already in-placed account, not to create a new one
* I don't demand special things, all I ask from you is basic knowledge of TribalWars
* I am full of initiative and ideas, but if you only want me to execute what you want, this is not a problem
* Paying for premium every now and then is not an issue to me, but we speak about this later
* If you are a player from the American or Oceanic timezone, this could be ideal! Because when you are sleeping, I'll be awake and take care of the account, so you will grow even faster :lol:
* If you are from the European timezone just like me; I am not going to be your nightplayer as I got a life besides playing games. However, staying on for a night on a rare occasion can be done!


It depends per day, but roughly these times:

Between 7 and 8 AM I wake up, mostly I take a quick look (15 min or so) on my account. I have school until 3 PM, but during the day I can take a look on my phone and sometimes use a PC to check. Then between 3 PM and 11 PM I can spend some hours on the account, depending on howmuch I have to do after school. This can be homework, sports, or doing stuff with friends.

I have each day several hours to spend.