Edge of the seat stuff....


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neutral villages are now brown not red - so all talk about if its red its dead, is now gone!

claiming villas is much better, although the officialness of claims expiring could cause more trouble than the old system which had leniance of give a day or week depending on the situation of that claim

all in all, good update id say


The noble planner is the best thing since sliced bread.

Easily administrated, and quite easy to combine with a separate forum (eg. war forum)


what u make of the new reports showing tech levels
It does? I haven't scouted anyone today.

Care to show a report? (It would be brilliant - but not good for the lower point players).


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Name: ******
Tribe: Clear!
Points: ******

Attacked village
(***|***) K**
Points: ******
Level of the wall: 20

Spear: 10
Sword: 10
Axe: 10
Light cavalry: 10
Heavy cavalry: 10
Ram: 10
Catapult: 10

Residing troops
1000 Swordsman
1000 Axemen
1300 Light cavalry
5000 Heavy cavalry

1. Attack
Attacker: *******
Tribe: Dineh
Points: ********
Origin: (***|***) K**
Arrival time: Mar 11, 2010 17:54:22:317

i edited so that i wasnt giving out any info...:icon_cool: but theres an example of it

plus the SOS feature looks great, u must have incommings to see this