End of the world?


This world started on 23 august last year and was one of the first worlds to implement the great siege feature.The world win would be given to the tribe first achieving 288 000 great siege points.

Unfortunately the world win is already decided and most players are waiting 5 months for this world to end. Even in the winning tribe we are facing a lot of inactiveness and lack of motivation.

After a short chat with Jawjaw we tought it would be best to have an open discussion whether we speed up the end of the world.

I personally think that for 90% of the players a faster end of this world will be welcomed.
Players get a new and fresh start with new settings on a new world while some more unexperienced players can finish a world.
It's already clear that DT will win this world and that 5 months more of this world won't change much about this.
I also believe most people are happy with their current ranking :).

Edit: Not sure what Jawjaw means with speeding up the end of the world but I assume reducing the required great siege points for a world win.

Note: I didn't post this topic without asking for some people's opinions about the matter and this topic is not solely for my personal win.


I agree, the world has been won for a while now and we are all just sitting around waiting for the clock to run out....in 5 more months or so...
The chats are dead, most people are inactive or only flag farming, there is no competition left, etc.
Time to put this server to bed and move on.


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Personally, I think it should be a race to 288k points (or some amount of points) OR a % dominance. Give them the option to either play the long, traditional game route of obliterating the enemy, or a strategic method of holding the Great Siege villagers, amounting more points than your enemy. In the early game, great siege was almost entirely redundant. Such a large volume of tribes trying to hold a minuscule amount of points meant that many turned a blind eye Siege and focused the enemies, getting K dominance, and other game objectives. It wasn't until there were 4-5 major tribes left was there any motivation to hold siege villages. At that point, it would have taken a far greater amount of time to achieve the siege win condition than it would to go to war. On 103, it wasn't until DT and TFBS were the only two sides left that holding siege was even really considered a goal. And even though TFBS was winning, DT still came out on top, eliminated TFBS in the war, and now that we have achieved total world dominance, we have to wait 5-6 odd months to officially win the world.

I think I speak for almost all still-standing players on 103 when I say that the world should be over already. DT has won on all fronts, siege, dominance and skill and I think it's time that we closed this world for good with DT as the winners. The only threat DT faces is Storm, who are their ally.. and are a fraction of DT's size.

I'm not really sure what would be considered protocol in this case, but in dominance worlds, once the dominance has been achieved by a single tribe and held for a certain amount of time, that tribe wins. Couldn't we introduce a similar win condition in these final days of 103? Spare us the risk of growing even more inactive due to lack of motivation or objectives


This was a good world. Filled with lots of fond memories, and the start of the war between DT and TFBS was quite exciting.
However, this world has played its course.

There is nothing left here for us to do, unless we wanna split the world and go civil :p

Good game to all involved,
Much <3 BigT


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An early finish would make sense - perhaps by lowering the siege points required? DT have clearly won. As Ascacos said above, STORM are the only tribe with even a miniscule chance of taking on DT; as a member of STORM, I can safely say this is not going to happen: we have been allies for a long time.

It would be a shame if some players dropped out due to boredom while waiting for the inevitable end to the game.


Well I think that about sums it up, no one can even be bothered to post here, that is how active the world is.

This is true, I read about it on our forum only today.
Our account has turned inactive in October already. Just logging in to prevent turning barbarian.

In some way I still think we should get these 288k points. If that amount of points would have been lowered earlier, TFBS migth have won the world.
But now there are no enemies left, let's speed up the world. Hope the creator of this end-game condition has learned from this world. It didn't seem like a very interesting win condition with the rules applied to 103.


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We have discussed this internally and agreed tolowering the conditions! I will keep you informed as soon as we have decided on which value(s) we will be setting the victory condition on. This should be over the course of the weekend / early next week. Stay tuned!


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You should now all have received a message ingame. The current victory condition has been lowered to 180k siege points. At the current rate of 991 siege points per day, the n*1 tribe should win this world (and close it) by the end of this month.

Please reach out to us on discord / support system in case of questions or concerns.