End World- Crunch thirst for victory


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Madx… you’ve got to be kidding the only time he was opped without inside info provided by us was when we were at war before cicada. And he lost 500k in a cat op and raged about it. God help him if he had to face some real heat

One Last Shot...

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What stalemate? Cicada was soundly defeated, and 70% of you quit, the rest "begged" for a invite from Crunch, maybe begged is too strong a word, but you know that's what saved the remaining cicada player's ass, you guys certainly played a lot of tricks on Crunch/PMS leadership in order to get that invite from Crunch and breaking the Crunch/PMS alliance.

Btw, not sure I see your logic, "don't talk down on Cicada, because the way we played resulted in Cicada lost and Crunch won?" I don't get it, why are you proud of losing? Are you actually proud of losing and then get invited into the winning tribe? The way Cicada played resulted in Cicada being defeated, 70% quit and rest are called CRUNCH players now, and even if you win the world, it will say you won as part of the tribe CRUNCH, I hope you realize.
This is a load of tosh.

We were in a stalemate in terms of overall stats. This was because I made the mistake of recruiting an account from Crunch (who was spying and helped stop our ops for 4 months). If that hadn't of happened, who knows how the world would end.

I'm April, Cicada discussed playing on or calling it a day. At this stage, we weren't defeated - just down a very small amount of villages overall. I had conversations with PMS & Crunch leaked, to break up the 'no recruit policy'.

Following that successful move, those wanting to continue on 112 negotiated as a group to join Crunch. They got picked up as a group as a result. This world would still be a stalemate and ongoing if Cicada hadn't given up their territory, and accepted a loss.

Winning isn't everything. I would rather lose a world (as I have done, I chose to go down with the ship) but play with a great group of people than do everything I can to take a win. Cicada played well throughout this world, we just got outplayed by a spy.

The Cicada crew got recruited by Crunch out of respect for ability and if they win as part of Crunch, so long as they feel proud of their achievement I'm happy.

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Congrats to crunch for winning this world.

It is really dissapointing not to see cicada winning cause they was a really good tribe.

Well jheez was a greek 2 tribe compination with about 4 elite players and tsalkapone <<magic>>. We were expecting an easy going world with some random good players and prem spenders. Cicada was a really active tribe and had sleepless elite in one man show, epic prem spender and solid defender. We may could win them but when u promise an easy world to someone and it eventually is a very hard one he will quit. So having only a few left, takining sits and cicada sends the 1 plan after another with cats made us quit.
But cause i am phyco i would play again a world like this, it was maybe stressfull but a funny one.