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End world is near again. The coalition has lead in the numbers game, while Obey kept his composure.

The merge between STryker and Wet signals a new start in the world, the final merge will be with Mehh!!( I think it is near unless something unexpected happens), which would give WET tribe a commanding 9 continents of control and seizing half the world in the process. Its the start of End world which translates to only 2 tribes fighting. WET vs OBEY.

Battles will be fought and the strong will survive. Good luck everybody!!!


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Good Job defending the initial op , Always the easiest part to defend the hardest bit is defending the clean up.

Not much to do when there's only 2 trains landing now, handled everything for the next 5 hours too, was fun to defend though



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Its an interesting opp where Wet demonstrated its firepower capabilities, ready to jump in on anything that opens. I think, the players skill now will come to play in this. The timing of the attacks near perfect, any other player would break with that massive wave of nukes and trains( trains, split trains, counter snipes, timed nukes). The Odd that the account took leading to its final landing time shows the strength and determination to break the frontlines. This kind preparation is no joke, i seen lots of operation, tribal assasination on specific players and this is one of the largest i've seen in new worlds.

This is just my opinion of course...